Meeting Recap: Be patient your time will come, TM Supatra Lee

Meeting Recap 15th October 2019
Written by David Lim
Photos by Wong Hui Ting

TME: TM Supatra Lee
TTM: Syanur Nizam, PI1
TTE: Rahmat Tarsat, CC
GRM: TM Haryati Gafur
AHC: TM Nasrul Noor
TMR: Wong Hui TIng, EC1
GE: Salih Jamaludin, DL2

Guest: Ira, Szenee, Liyana, Ira

Our lovely guests who attended our meeting

Thought of the day: Be patient your time will come
Word of the day: Magnetism ( Mag-ni-tiz-uhm) (noun) meaning strong, attractive power or charm.
1. Everyone succumbed to the magnetism of her smile.
2. She felt the magnetism of his words when he told his story.

Timer Tip:

Prepared Speeches
Speaker: Rano Iskandar, ACB, ALB
Project:“Speaking in Praise”
Title:Never Forget
Summary: One person that struck a chord in Rano’s heart was the late Shawn Cassidy Narcis. He was full of praise on how he has impacted Rano mentally and emotionally.

Shawn’s selflessness was highlighted where he once dedicated his time outside toastmasters to advise a friend that needed help and this was during the time where Shawn would be required the most as it was a District Conference. He made Rano feel that even small things do matter.

Shawn’s charisma was something Rano hope to emulate and willing to trade for his number of followers on social media for this charismatic behavior that Shawn exhibited. His presence was magnetic in Brunei or internationally. He also made close friends along the way from different parts of the world.

Shawn has also this approachable aura that it has hard to ignore him in person. He was so hospitable that Rano made Shawn’s home his secondary home, more like a sanctuary.

All these qualities have influenced Rano in positive way and he hopes to aspire to be a better person similarly like the late Shawn.

Speaker: Aziman Nasir, ACB, ALB
Project: Dynamic Leadership L4 Elective
Title: KPI Clinic: KPI 101
Summary: As a certified KPI Practitioner, Aziman was appointed as one of the members of a taskforce to help departments to develop their KPIs. KPI stands for Key Performance Index. KPI is a means of measurement = not output. KPI helps to improve performances.Selecting the right KPIs helps to address what matters (INPUT vs OUTPUT). KPI characteristics include S-pecific M-easurable A-ttainable R-elevant T-imed. KPI value flow analysis can be categorised into INPUT,( measures resources you have) PROCESS( measures processes involved/ efficiency), OUTPUT( measures the service/ goods produced)., OUTCOME( assess the actual impact of the action).

1. Hilman Omar, CC
Topic: What would you do differently if you knew no one would judge you?
Summary: Hilman has never been someone who cared too much about what others thought about him. In addition to that he also admires others who do the same. However, he is his own worst critic That doesn’t mean being critical of superficial things like looks, but instead of useful things that helps us to blossom and become a magnetic person.
2. TM Aditia Salalu
Topic: Would you rather have less work or more work that you enjoy doing?
Summary: Aditia would rather have things he looks forward to everyday. Unlike work that we drag our feet over why not do our best and willingly go to workshop & seminars that help develop more creativity & magnetism.
3. David Lim, VC1
Topic: Would you rather be a worried genius or a joyful simpleton?
Summary: David if given the choice would rather be a worried genius. He explains that being worried means there is something in life that we have yet to achieve & it gives us a goal to strive towards., The challenges in life makes it worth living, hence never back down from the challenges but strive to overcome them and chase your dreams.
4. Szenee
Topic:What do you don’t want to see in your entire lifetime?
Summary: Szenee explains that the thing she doesn’t want to see in her life is to see her family suffer. To her family is everything. Truth be told, she didn;t have the happiest childhood. In fact, she grew up with a difficult childhood and due to that she just wants everybody to not be sad but to be happy instead.
5. Ira
Topic: What is the nicest thing someone has done for you?
Summary: Some of the great people in Era’s life include her manager that motivates her, her good friend that advises her when she is sad, as well as her mother who has done so much for her in life. Overall, she feels grateful to all of them for all their help.

Best TableTopic Speaker: David Lim, VC1

Best Evaluator: TM Haryati Gafur

Evaluations/ Areas for improvement: The meeting did not start on time, as well as evaluations went over time. Hence starting next week, a $1 per minute fine will be sentenced to evaluators who go over the time limit.

President’s closing remarks: “Your time will come be patient” but grab every opportunity available because sometimes we use it as an excuse we are not ready yet. When we say your time will come it means the results will come eventually but do not stop putting in the work because we never know when the results will come. And when opportunity comes you can’t tell people I’m not ready yet because my time is not here yet. It reminds us of people who tell ourselves I’m going to wait until I’m better then I’ll start speaking. I’m going to wait until I’m ready or when I need to talk in public & then I’ll come to a Toastmasters club. Waiting is not a reason for us to procrastinate. Waiting means be patient for the results will come to you but while waiting for it when opportunity knocks on the door grab it because if you do not grab it you do not know if it will come back to you again next time. So ladies & gentlemen if you feel the need for improvement there is always Brunei Speakers club here at the same time, same place and when your time comes you will be calm & you will be ready!