Let Us Cling Together, Aditia

30th of July 2019, Recap of Brunei Speakers Club meeting.

The meeting kicked off at 7:30pm with a total of 7 guests (returning and new comers); Rasyid, Khai, Safarul (welcome back Safarul!), Andrew, Amal, Tirah, and Awfa (welcome back Awfa!).

Second time returning guest, Khai

Returning guests : Awfa (top) and Safarul (bottom)

New guest members : (Top Left to top right) Tirah, Amal. (Middle picture) Andrew (who traveled from KB) and (Bottom picture), Rasyid.


 Toastmaster of Evening

After receiving the floor from the evening’s Sergeant at Arms; TM Syahnur Nizam, Toastmaster of the Evening; TM Aditia Salalu gave us an theme for tonight’s meeting: introducing every role players favourite movie and proceeded to invite the following office bearers for an introduction of their roles.

Role Players of the Evening were:


Table Topics Master – Ida Mahmud, IP1.


Image result for the vow

Ida’s favourite movie was The Vow, because it was based on a True story on a couple who stayed true to one another, and this reminded her not to give up on the person she liked the most in any given event.    

Table Topics Evaluator – Rano Iskandar, ACB, ALB

Image result for old boy movie korean

The way this movie portrayed in an artsy form of style blew Rano’s mind, making him appreciate the creators and writers of this film titled “Old Boy”.

Grammarian – Aziman Nasir, ACB, ALB

Image result for Scrubs series

For Aziman, he doesn’t have a favourite movie, but when it comes to TV series, it’s Scrubs. Here’s a little throwback for all the Scrub fans out there. When it comes to life lessions, Aziman is definitely putting his scrubs on what he can take home and learn from this series.

Word of the Day

Aziman introduced our Word of The Day, which was Lionize, which is a verb that means to treat an object of great interest of importance. For eg. Supatra was lionized by everyone in BSC when she won the World Championship of Public Speaking. Synonyms: Glorify or to celebrate.

Ah Counter and Who Said What – Allen Ang, DTM

Image result for pursuit of happiness

Our Ah counter and who said what, Allen Ang, DTM, shared his own Pursuit of Happiness with his favorite iconic scene at the basketball court. After Will Smith discourages his son to play basketball, he then realize he should teach his son to protect his dreams, which taught Allen an inspiring life lesson of parenting, who is now a father of two.


Timer and Tip – TM David Lim

Image result for forrest gump

When it comes to running, we all sure know how much David loves fitness and running. Which is why his favourite movie is Forest Gump as Forrest’s persistence in running, taught David a valuable life lesson. 


Timer Tip 

If you stutter in your speech, dont worry too much about it, you just have to keep running like Forrest Gump (we see what you did there, David!). 


General Evaluator – Heidi Sia Rahman, CC

Image result for ellen degeneres show

Valuable time is definitely precious for Heidi, but if there is one movie or show that makes Heidi Laugh, it definitely belongs to Ellen DeGeneres.


 Thought of the Day

Our Toastmaster of the Evening share his thought of the day with, ” Let Us Cling Together”, in reference from a game titled Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together. During his time as a Treasurer (Exco Committee member) and a Toastmaster of the evening, he felt overwhelmed by the number of things he has to do such as gathering role players and completing the tasks required as a treasurer. Despite the struggles, he felt at ease with the help of other Toastmasters Members who reached out to help him along the way, and thus, kept him motivated to overcome his fears.

Prepared Speech Session

In tonight’s event there were 2 prepared speakers attempting their speech projects from Pathways.

Quitting Social Media by TM Syahnur Nizam  Level 1 Project 2B – Evaluation and Feedback

The first Speaker was TM Syahnur who attempted his Level 1 Project 2B (Evaluation & Feedback) where he has to re attempt his speech with the given feedback from the evaluator of Project 2A. In his speech, he shared how social media affected 3 years of his life where he would spend a lot of time on social media which gave him negative emotions of envy and procrastination. It wasn’t until in 2017,  when Instagram announced its recent update that took its final straw on him. That was when Syahnur decided to quit social media, cold turkey. With the effects of quitting, he discovered how the lack of social media presence benefited him positively where  he was able to learn Chess (and even beat his boss at it), and learned new things of programming.

Sharon being Sharon by TM Sharon Lim  Level 2 Project 1 (Understanding Communication) 

The Second Speaker, TM Sharon share her personal communication style and how it affects her life. After taking the Communication Styles questionnaire on Pathways, Sharon discovered a few things about herself and described her style as someone who is a peace keeper, a good listener, and patient. This was definitely her plus points as people in her circle would look at her as a nice, friendly, and gentle person. With a submissive style, she does hope to be more direct with her friends so that she can learn how to say “no”, as she has experienced difficulties in getting herself out of a commitment when she repeatedly says yes.

Table Topics Session

Ida Mahmud took over the second part of the meeting with Table Topics with a themed question where the speaker had to agree or disagree with the given statement! To liven up the meeting, she added some touch of visual cues, giving the Table Topic Speakers a chance to choose an animal of the given choices. Interesting selection, Ida!

The first Table Topics Speaker was Safarul (Guest) who chose Monkeys, was asked whether he agreed that Monkeys are known to be good caregivers and even have some humanistic movement. To his knowledge and while sharing his past experiences in Panaga when he encountered a bunch monkeys, he agreed, as the mother monkey who held the baby’s hand reminded him of how his mom held his.

The second table topics speaker, Rasyid (Guest) chose the topic of Secretary Bird, where the table topic Master asked if he would keep it as a pet, knowing it’s killer instinct of snakes. To the audience surprise, for a snake lover like Rasyid, he disagreed and refuse to keep them as a pet.

The third table topic speaker, Supatra (Member) chose Horses as her animal and was asked to agree whether Horses are considered hot blooded, agility, speed and spirited animals. To that given statement, Supatra agreed as she lionized the greatness of the horse and its ability.

Last but not least, our final table topic speaker was a guest member, Tirah who chose lions, and was asked whether lions are the King of the Jungle for their Raw power and strength. In lined with this season’s live action film, she agreed and share the reference of the Lion King.

At the end of the session, members and guests were given the opportunity to cast their votes on who they think was the best Table Topic Speaker that night. With the count of votes by the SAA, Table Topic Master, Ida Mahmud, IP1, announced that the Best Table Topics Winner was *drumroll* TM Supatra Lee!

Well done to our fellow guests and members for giving a shot with table topic session! Everyone did a great job and it was even some of the speaker’s first try!

The meeting resumed after the break and proceeded over the third part of the evening, the Evaluation Session.

Evaluation Session 

The Evaluation portion of the meeting was led by the General Evaluator, Heidi Sia Rahman, CC, who’s role is to facilitate and give her overall evaluation on the evaluators, as well as the general feedback of the setting for the whole meeting.

WOTD: Remember what our word of the day was this evening? According to our Grammarian, Aziman reported a total of 5 members and even guests used our Word of the Day, Lionize! Well done!

After everyone gave their votes for the eligible speakers who evaluated in the third part of the meeting, the Best Evaluator of the night goes to *drumroll* please, Rano Iskandar, ACB, ALB! Well done, Rano!

Before handing the floor over to the President, Allen Ang, DTM. Toastmaster of the Evening, Adi gave his final remarks with revealing his own favourite movie:

Related image The Avengers: Infinity War.

Closing Remarks Led by President Allen Ang. DTM

Next week’s Toastmaster of the Evening will be: Lai Ling Ling, PM! Do reach out to Lai Ling Ling if you would like to have a go at enhancing your leadership and communication skills through roles!

Upcoming Prepared Speeches: Don’t miss out on an exciting meeting ahead as two of our members, TM Supatra Lee will be attempting her CC9 speech: Persuade with Power (from the Competent Communications Manual).

Aziman Nasir, ACB, ALB,  will be preparing a speech in his Pathways Project L3P2: Connect with Storytelling.

Any Other Business: 1. This Friday on the 1st of August, there will be a Brunei Advanced Speakers Club meeting that only happens on the first week of every month. For more information, please contact our vice president of education, Lai Ling Ling, or Pranika Lama, President of BASC, for more information.

2. Note this down on your calendar guys, as there will be an Area Installation dinner on the 31st of August 2019. Venue is the Higher Hotel, For more information about this event, please contact Rano Iskandar for details.

Recap and Photo: Wong Hui Ting.