“I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious!”

Meeting Recap 23rd July 2019

On the 23rd of July 2019, we hosted our weekly Toastmasters Meeting, at SEAMEO VOCTECH.
It was a busy night of many guests & members, in an eagerly anticipated meeting hosted by TME Supatra Lee.
The meeting started at the usual 7.30pm.
Starting with the SAA introduction by ™ Syahnur Nizam, who introduced us to the club history, mission, rules, education system & guests.
There was an overwhelming 11 happy guests who greeted us namely

SAA Syhanur then passed the floor to the TME Supatra Lee.

In her roleplayer introduction she asked the question “If money was not an issue where would they like to travel to?”. They wished for:
TTM Jidun Dollah wishes to travel to the birthplace of Disneyland USA.
TTE Allen Ang, DTM wishes to go on a mystical Honeymoon in Turkey.
GRM Heidi Sia Rahman, CC wishes to experience the diverse culture & highest mountain in the world in Nepal.
AHC Aditia Salalu wishes to experience the Northern Lights and Vikings in Norway.
TMR Syahnur Nizam wishes to experience the spice tea & hot air balloons in Turkey.
GE Jason Koo, ACB, ALB wishes to visit the Land of the rising sun Japan.
Speaker Hui Ting wishes to visit Hawaii for its poke bowls & pineapples.
Speech Evaluator Hilman wishes to visit Venice, Italy.
Guest Speaker Khairulanwar wishes to visit the UK.
Speech Evaluator Aziman Nasir wishes to visit the Northern Lights in Norway.
TME Supatra Lee wishes to visit Machu Picchu, Peru.

The word of the day from GRM Heidi Sia Rahman was
-give an intense pleasure/ joy yo
Synonyms: delight, captivate, thrill

We were enraptured(v) by young soloist performance.
Hui ting was speaking before an enraptured(adj) audience.

TME Supatra Lee’s Thought of the day was
“ I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious”- Albert Einstein.

TMR Syahnur Nizam’s Timer Tip was to “ Take a deep breath to calm your breath before you speak”.

Prepared Speeches

Speech title: Are we talking the same language?
Speaker: Hui Ting Wong, EC1

Pathways Effective Coaching, Level 2, Project 2
Synopsis: Are we talking the same language? Well, not necessarily. Everyone has their own unique style of communication, and often or not, people find it hard to relate with one another due to their differences,. Understanding your personal style of communicating will go a long way toward helping you to create good and lasting impression on others . Tonight, Hui Ting navigated the different types of communication style which was Analytical, Supportive, Initiative and Direct and shared that Direct was her preferred style of communication.

Speech title: Engineering Education
Speaker: Muhammad Khairulanwar bin Abdullah

Synopsis: The first Industrial Revolution introduced us to the steam powered engine.
The second Industrial Revolution introduced us manufactured electricity
The third Industrial Revolution introduced us to the internet.
The fourth Industrial Revolution introduced us to robotics and artificial intelligence.
We have invested in telecommunication, transportation but despite all the advancement in technology our way of learning has not advanced that much.
Where should learning happen?
Traditionally learning stops after graduation, in a classroom, where we attend schools on a set time, days, months and technology was seen as a luxury. However, learning is now lifelong, we can learn and everywhere and anywhere because technology has made that possible. But are we engineering education for the 21st century? We now have e-learning. And because of e -learning we now have platforms and learning management systems such as Moodle, Sakai, Canvas, D2L and BB blackboard but they are sadly being underused. Learning used to be 2 dimension where interactions only happened between teachers and students but with technology learning can now be 3 dimensional, where learners can interact with the materials, as such we have the gamification of education. What if we could channel the competitive edge, stress relief, fun and achievements in gaming into learning? And that is the purpose of gamification of education made possible by technology, to help redesign learning to become games for learners. And because of gamification we can now remember something we have long forgotten. Participation. And most important of all that learning should be fun and that will certainly incite more participation because even though the population of learners might be a small percentage of the people who are teaching but 100% guaranteed they are 100% of the future.

Table Topics Session was led by TM Jidun Dollah

Topic: What if a pretty girl ask for your number?
Speaker: Rano Iskandar, ACB, ALB.
Summary: Most of the time Rano does the chansing so what if he becomes the hunted? This actually one time long ago by a stalker. Rano felt terrified and scared at first because he wasn’t used to it. And because the tides have changed he felt a bit uncomfortable, when that thing hit him regardless of any women beautiful or not, his type or not when you give him your number he might feel a bit turned off because normally women play hard to get and he’d rather have women brand themselves higher and when the bait is good and he manage to get her that is more rewarding than a beautiful women giving him her number.

2. Topic: What if you do if your bank account suddenly have an additional $10000?
Speaker: Sharon Lim, PM1
Summary: If the $10000 doesn’t come legally as someone who is very law abiding she would turn it in just so she doesn’t get into trouble. Trace it back legally or illegally of its illegally send it back. However, if it is someone nicely donated the money to her, she will probably first donate a bit to charity, then use the rest for investment, savings and holidays.

3. Topic: What if you won a flight and hotel for 2 person what is your destination of choice?
Speaker: Guest Salimatul

Summary: Her and her husband ever since their honeymoon last year hasn’t had the chance to fly off because of work and commitments. Her husband mostly fly off but for work trips. Herself mostly fly off for youth programs but not for vacations. So having that given to her would be enrapturing. Given the chance she would want to go to Iceland because she has been wanting to look at Northern lights and to stay in an igloo and spend time with her husband, enjoy it while it lasts before she comes back to Brunei.

4. Topic: What would you do if you walk into an alley and you say 2 guys fighting in front of you?
Speaker: Haswan Kamarulzaman

Summary: Hazwan would first consider if he was to step in would he get beaten senselessly, because he is generally risk averse. He may just walk away, but he might regret because he finds he always imagines the worst case scenarios possible. Therefore he may just step in and see what he can do to stop the fight.

Congratulations to Hazwan for winning Best Table Topics!


Evaluations Session
General Evaluator Jason Koo, ACB ALB based his evaluation on the first impression he got from speakers they include.
Supatra Lee- The “Protagonist”
Syahnur- Te “Impressionist”
Jidun Dollah- The “Long-Time friend”
Allen Ang- The “trustworthy”
Heidi Sia Rahman- The “Meticulous”
Adidtia Salalu- The “Perfectionist”
Hilman Imar- The “Talented”
Aziman Nasir- The “Calm before the storm”
Wong Hui Ting- The “Warm Hearted”
Khairulanwar- The “Composed”

Congratulations Heidi, for winning Best Evaluator!

President’s closing remarks.
What exactly is confidence? Confidence is not whether they would like me or not, confidence is that I will be fine if they don’t like me. Standing in front we are given 2 minutes if we do a table topic & 5-7 minutes if we are doing a prepared speech or even 10 minutes to present around the world, and that particular moment belongs to you only because the whole world stops and only listen to you and whatever you say matters.
So if we only have that belief in ourselves, we will do well. No matter what we do we will have people who doubt us and we can’t change that but what we can do is to just believe that in the audience, if there is one person who accept your idea and take the changes we propose to we make that someone else’s life better. So is that one person like more important or one hundred critics more important? The choice is ours. If we are looking for a place to practice more so we become more confident and ignore all these negative critics Brunei Speakers Club is always here every Tuesday night at 7.30, to welcome anyone and everyone because in this particular place there is no teacher but having peer to peer learning. None of us here are already professional speakers we aspire to be one in the future, and hope you share that vision as well, if you do we hope to see you next week at the same place at the same time.

Written by David Lim
Photo credits to Rano Iskandar and Syatrah Roslan

Role Players:
Toastmaster of the Evening: TM Supatra Lee
Table Topics Master:TM Jidun Dollah
Table Topics Evaluator: Allen Ang, DTM
Grammarian: Heidi Sia Rahman, CC
Ah-Counter & Who Said What TM Aditia Salalu
Timer & Tip ™ Syahnur Nizam
General Evaluator: Jason Koo, ACB, ALB

Wong Hui Ting, EC1
MD Khairulanwar bin Abdullah

Speech Evaluators
Hilman Omar, ACB, ALB
Aziman Nasir, ACB, ALB