Holiday Blues

Meeting recap on the 16th July 2019.

The meeting was hosted by our sporty, athletic and energetic TM David Lim. He had an interesting theme to introduce the role players and speakers, he ask on what sports we did, and why. Numerous sports and activities was mentioned, from kickboxing, bowling, tennis, freelethics, walking, hiking, KPOP X (?) dance and so forth.

David’s thought of the day was a quote from his first mentor “Just go for it!”. It encourages him from anything that he does, as long as we start doing it. It may be not good, not great but to be great we need to start first.

The Grammarian, Syatrah Roslan, SR3, brought us the word of the day : labyrinthine (complicated, or excessively lengthy)

The club was pretty quiet today, but filled warm and cozy with the supportive members around. The meeting refreshments was provided was freshly sliced mangoes as supplied by our SAA, TM Syahnur Nizam.

Table Topics Session

The Table Topics Master for the night is TM Supatra Lee, with her themed questions based on “Choices & Personality”.

Here are line ups for the Table Topics Speaker :

TM Aditia Salalu– would you buy expensive but quality items or cheap but not so high quality items

TM Syahnur Nizam– when travelling, would you prefer a luxurious vacation, or affordable backpacking.

Rano Iskandar, ACB, ALB – Are you a fast  & Furious Driver, or a Slow & Steady driver?

TM David Lim – As a boss, would you hire a 25 year old fresh graduate, or a 40 year old experienced person?

Syatrah Roslan, SR3 – When shopping, do you like to bargain or pay the full price?

Aziman Nasir, ACB, ALB – In a big city, would you prefer to use public transportation or own a car?

Hilman Omar, CC,ALB – At a party, would you prefer to be the centre of attention or hide at the corner?

The table topics were interesting as we could understand our members much better.

Prepared Speech

Allen Ang, DTM did his Dynamic Leader Pathways, Level 2 Project 1 – Understanding Your Leadership Style. With the Speech Title : Situational Leadership , Allen talked about his own experience in managing his own food & beverage franchise in Seria. Allen said he is the cute and charismatic leader, where he likes to support and motivate his employees. However, it turns out that his employees named Abu and DK, took advantage of it. Allen realized being cute and supportive did not work on them, then he became firm and strict to his employees, which in turned, improved the performance of his company. Allen stated that situational leadership works for him : leading people at a certain time at  specific task.

Evaluation Session

The session is led by the General Evaluator, Rano Iskandar, ACB,ALB.

Timer Tip : Relax and don’t be nervous

Best Table Topics Ribbon won by TM David Lim – his first time!

Best Evaluator Ribbon goes to Syatrah!

Any Other Business – The Brunei Speakers Club will be having a special presentation called  ‘Present Around the World’ next meeting, and Allen, Hilman and Aziman talked about Training Leadership Institute at Miri and Kuching that happened last weekend on the 13th and 14th July.

Recap Written by: Aziman Nasir
Photos by: Syahnur Nizam