Love Isn’t What Weak People Do

“Love isn’t what weak people do” – Fleabag (TV series)

That was Rahmat’s quote of the day, as we spun through Tuesday’s meeting with ALACRITY (meaning eagerness, liveliness and readiness). The roleplayers explained their responsibilities succinctly, having been briefed by Rahmat that the meeting will be a tight fit. It was so fast that the Prepared Speech session began at 7:47PM!

Heidi was up first with her Icebreaker, Superwoman? (NOT!). In it, she talked about how she always saw herself as a career-driven supermom, who always had everything in hand. Those illusions were quickly shattered, however, when she lost her driving license and, by extension, her independence. As she grew more frustrated with her situation, she lashed out at the people around her. Until her daughter, Rania, reminded her of the important things in life – to stop and appreciate time when it passes.

Next was Allen who spoke about Intermittent Fasting for his Researching and Presenting project. He gave us a crash course on anything and everything about intermittent fasting – FAQ included! Allen brought us back in time to the first instances of intermittent fasting, to famous people who partake in it now. His presentation was also packed with information about the 7 types of fasting, the 10 different health benefits and ketosis! Philosophers do it. Celebrities do it. Christina from KK Toastmasters do it. So why not try it out?

Our workshop of the month was by Hilman Omar about Mentoring. His incredible slides were filled with cute punny drawings of manatees (mentees) and minotaurs (mentors), as well as information about the advantages that comes with mentoring – whether you are the mentor or mentee. He also cleared up misconceptions we might have about mentoring and how you’re free to seek out new mentors if the relationship doesn’t work out. If you’re interested, here are his slides and speech to have a look at!

We moved on to the Table Topics session facilitated by Hui Ting, where we had 4 speakers.

Ling Ling (that’s me!) – What causes you to lose track of time?
I answered EVERYTHING – except for sleeping, because it’s the one activity I will never take for granted. But unfortunately, being a light sleeper, I’m always getting interrupted by my neighbours’ roosters, dogs and frogs.

Reuben – What is the one thing you cannot give up?
Reuben was diagnosed with gout at the age of 22, and the doctor handed him a list of items he couldn’t eat, that included his favourite food: red meat, shellfish and mushrooms. That night, he ate red meat, shellfish and mushrooms.

Pranika – When was the last time you tried something new?
Pranika really doesn’t like trying new things. The last time Ruey made her try something new – it was escargot and she did NOT enjoy it. She says that if anyone forces her to eat weird things again, they will NOT be friends anymore.

Brendan – If you could go anywhere, where would you go?
You would think that Brendan, being a pilot, would be confused by the question, but he had a definitive answer in mind – Hamilton, New Zealand. It was where he began his flight training and where he found himself. And that was why Brandon was the well-deserved Champion of the Table Topics that night!

Lastly, was the Evaluation session led by Ong Yin. In a stunning turn of events, NONE of the evaluators were overtime on Tuesday. Everyone met the time limit – from our first-time Table Topics Evaluator Syahnur to Sophiana, who actually held her laptop in her hands when she was evaluating Allen. That said, there could only be one winner – and it was Sophiana! She taught us a lot about research techniques that night – as expected from someone who researches for a living!

We ended the meeting on a high, and Ida took the stage to give the Closing Remarks, as is our tradition at this time of the year. She gave an emotional and heartfelt speech about the things she learned being the Secretary of BSC, before ending the meeting with a customary BANG of the gavel.

We will not be having a meeting next week, to give time for people to prepare for Raya. Our next meeting will be on the 11th of June, where our next TME is none other than…… (drum rolls please)…… RANO!

Please contact Rano if you’d like to be a part of the next BSC meeting. See you then, everyone! Ling Ling out!


Written by Ling Ling
Photos by Sophiana and Jocelyn