Learn from history. Create your new future.

The meeting started on time with acting SAA introductions by Rano Iskandar, ACB, ALB. Following his intro were the guest introductions. There was a total of 4 guest on the night:

  1. Jocelyn
  2. Hakim
  3. Nazim
  4. Farhan

After the SAA intro, the floor was passed on to the TME TM David Lim, who swiftly proceeded to introduce the agenda and role players for the night.



SAA: Rano Iskandar, ACB, ALB

TME: TM David Lim

TTM: TM Jidun Dollah

TTE: Heidi Sia Rahman, CC

GRM: Pranika Lama, ACS, ALB

AHC: Aziman Nasir, ACB, ALB

TMR: Reuben Chin, ACG, ALB

GE: TM Wong Hui Ting


Word of the Day

The GRM Pranika Lama’s word of the day was



Until now or until the point in time under discussion.

Example: At the talent show Kyle revealed his hitherto unknown gift for doing impressions.


Thought of the Day

TME David Lim’s thought of the day was, “Learn from history. Create your new future”- Simon Soo.

The reason for the thought of the day was to highlight the importance of learning from the past. Learning from past experiences, books, peers and mentors.


Prepared Speeches Session.

There were 2 prepared speeches by

  1. TM Syahnur Nizam, who attempted his Icebreaker Speech, evaluated by Lai Ling Ling, CC.

With his speech title “Why I Join a Toastmaster Club”, Shahnur shared his history of having a difficulty presenting in front of an audience and conversing in English. Proceeding to share his experience up until the day he joined, Shahnur concluded to explain why Toastmasters  is the perfect place for him to fix these “issues”.


  1. TM Sophiana Chua, with her contest speech titled, ‘Mother on a Mission’ evaluated by Nabil Abdul Kadir, CC, ALB

In her speech Sophiana shared how she had always been a helicopter mom hovering over every aspect of her son’s life until one day, she was forced to stop short in her tracks. Sophiana concluded that sometimes it is best to let her children to learn and grow on their own.


Table Topics Session

Led by TM Jidun Dollah with a total of 4 table topic speakers:

  1. Supatra
  2. Nazim
  3. Farhan
  4. Hakim

Best table topic ribbon was won by Farhan.


Evaluation Session

Best evaluator ribbon was won by Lai Ling Ling, CC.



  1. BASC is this coming Friday for those interested to come please refer to the poster for more information.
  2. Next week’s TME is TM Sharon Lim, please contact her for those interested in taking up a role.

Written by David Lim