Fortune Cookies



TME: Aziman Nasir, ACB, ALB

TTM: Syatrah Roslan, SR3

TTE: Hilman Omar, CC

TMR: Pranika Lama, ACS, ALB


Thought of the Day

“Rest and be thankful”- William Wadsworth

Aziman explained how there is no shame in taking a rest whenever we can to recharge and freshen up.


Table Topics

The tabletopics session which started at 7.50pm was presided by Syatrah Roslan, SR3. With her fortune cookie bowl, speakers were given the chance to pick and see what their fortunes reveal.



Road to glory rocky but fulfilling.

Supatra explained how sometimes in life we are given a chance to go into the hole (take up the challenge). Sometimes we know going into the hole is challenging but we still want to go into it in hope that it will be worth it and fulfilling regardless of the challenges.



Don’t pursue happiness create it.

Brendan used to think making his parents happy was all that mattered in life. However, just turning 23 he had an epiphany, realizing that perhaps there is more to life than just that. There is being independent, hitting a financial goal and relationships. Brendan concluded, that he still doesn’t know what true happiness is but perhaps what he needs to do is merge all these small memories together and by doing so maybe that will help him find his happiness.



Don’t worry about money the best things in life are free.

Adi noted that he doesn’t agree with the quote because he still needs to pay attention to how much he spends.



A journey begins with a single step

Jocelyn guides us into her story from career to helping her children to ending up in Toastmasters. How she retired but is ready and inspired to take that first step again to becoming a better speaker and a better version of herself.



You are heading in the right direction.

David shared a moment in his Toastmasters journey where he doubted himself and he was unsure in whether where he was going is the right direction. However, inspired by the actions, feedback and encouragement from the club and his mentor, he decided to carry on and that he hopes where he is going now is the right direction. Whenever in doubt, smile and carry on.


Table Topics Evaluaition

Hilman noted what speakers did well and what they could improve on:

  1. Supatra – had good confidence, body gestures, facial expressions and fun. An area of improvement would be to give an example of what she meant.
  2. Brendan – was engaging to the audience, good eye contact. An area of improvement would be to use questions that link back to his statements.
  3. Adi – did well opening up a bit more, more free stage hands. An area of improvement would be to be more solid in the conclusion.
  4. Jocelyn – did well giving concrete examples. An area of improvement would be to try to take out unnecessary details.
  5. David – had good stage presence. An area of improvement would be to vary the pacing of the speech.


The best table topics ribbon was won by guest Brendan Ti.


The meeting then proceeded to the Townhall session led by Aziman Nasir, ACB, ALB. During the townhall session members shared their views on the overall health of the club as well as gave suggestions on ways to improve it.

Following the end of the Townhall session, members officially welcomed the return of Allen Ang, DTM for rejoining the club!.



  1. Next week will be the club’s AGM to pick the next incoming EXCOs for BSC.


Written by David Lim