Trees, our saviour

On the 19th of March 2019 the TME was Ida Mahmud, IP1. The theme for the night was Trees, Our Savior. The reason for the theme was to spread awareness about celebrating International Forestry Day that falls on the 21st of March every year. With that, we are able to learn to appreciate trees that have existed that act as useful natural resource.

The meeting started at 7.32pm with SAA David Lim’s club intro. Following that was the guest introduction. There was a total of 3 guest. Namely:

  1. 19 years old Aleem
  2. First time guest Hakim
  3. Former member & ace pilot Brendan Ti



  1. TTM Suneeta Pathak, CC, CL
  2. TTM TM Jidun Dollah
  3. GRM TM Awfa Nawawi
  4. AHC TM Syanur Nizam
  5. Timer & Tip TM Kelvin Lai


TME’s Thought of the Day

“Do my best, so that I can’t blame myself for anything”- Magdalena Neuner.


Word of the Day

Harvest (can be used as noun or verb)

  1. Seasonal Crops
  2. Process of gathering crops or any resources
  3. Result or consequences of an action


  1. My Harvest looks healthy.
  2. To power my house, I harvest the sun’s energy using solar panels.
  3. He did not harvest much support ever since his angry outburst incident.


Prepared speeches session.

For the night we had 2 prepared speeches.

The first speech was by TM Sharon Lim who was attempting her L1P3 of the Innovative Planning Pathways. Her speech was titled- “The Blooming Jellyfish”

In her speech, Sharon shared about the characteristics of jellyfish: an organism found all over the world and it’s bloodless, boneless and brainless. The destruction of marine ecosystem has created an environment that jellyfish thrive in and this has led to several incidents due to large jellyfish population such as capsizing ship and causing power plant shut down. In conclusion, she encouraged everyone to adopt environment lifestyle.

Her evaluation was carried out by TM Hui Ting Wong.

The second speech was by Aziman Nasir, ACB, ALB who was attempting his L2P2 of the Dynamic Leadership Pathways. His speech was titled “I should’ve said that”.

In his speech, Aziman shared his personal story on how he was having lunch with his wife and talked to the cashier. He talked about 3 possible scenarios of talking to the cashier and which communication style suits him best. Aziman concluded that his communication style is the “initiative” type as he values goof relationships with people.

His evaluation was carried out by Lai Ling Ling, CC.


Table topics session

Following the prepared speeches session was the Table Topics session, which was led by TM Suneeta Pathak. There was a total of 5 table topic speakers.

  1. Pranika Lama, ACS, ALB’s table topic was to speak about the quote – “Two roads diverged in a wood, and I, I took the one less travelled by and that has made all the difference”. Pranika shared how she decision to skip her Masters and go straight for her PHD.
  2. Reuben Chin, ACG, ALB’s table topic was to speak about the quote- “Trees are the poems that earth writes upon the sky. Reuben shared his observation of his favorite city Bangkok, how no matter how much we try to industrialize the city nature will always win in the end.
  3. Guest Aleem’s table topic was to speak about the quote- “O, wind if winter comes, can spring be behind?”. Aleem shared how things sometimes is sad before there can happiness.
  4. Guest Hakim’s table topic was to speak about the quote- “The stronger the wind, the stronger the tree”. Hakim shared importance of standing strong against negativity, and how by doing so we can become stronger.
  5. Gerald Goh, ACB, ALB’s table topic was to speak about the quote- “For some to smell flowers, some have to pull weeds”. Gerald shared how in order to become flowers pull out any negative weeds around us.

After table topics session ended, we enjoyed a short 10 minutes break.


Evaluation session

Resuming from the break was the Evaluation session led by General Evaluator Syatrah Roslan, SR3.

The best table topic ribbon was won by Pranika Lama, ACS, ALB.

The best evaluator ribbon was won by Lai Ling Ling, CC.



  1. The Division contest is on the 24th March 2019. Members from all 4 clubs are competing. Those interested in the contest in Miri, feel free to contact Ling Ling.
  2. There will be a workshop next week by Nabil Kadir, CC. The workshop will be about how to be “Engaging, Entertaining and Effective when communicating”. There will no guest fee for the workshop next week so be sure to spread the message and bring a friend.
  3. The TME for next Tuesday will be Lai Ling Ling, CC. Do not hesitate to contact her for those interested in taking up a role.


Written by TM David Lim