Meeting Recap 26th February 2019

On February the 26th, we marked the final TM meeting for the month.

It was a calm night where old and new friends gathered to learn and better themselves as well as to create new experiences.

The meeting started at 7.35 pm with SAA introduction by TM David Lim, where he introduced members to the club, its values & its education system. Afterwards, he then called upon our 3 new guests Sensory, Hafiz, Hilmi and Brandon to give a brief introduction of themselves.


The SAA then passed the floor to the TME Gerald Goh, CC, ALB. Gerald then introduced his team of roleplayers & evaluators for the night where we had

TTM- Aziman Nasir, ACB, ALB

TTE- Allen Ang, DTM

GRM- TM Supatra Lee

AHC- Ida Mahmud

T&T- Lai Ling Ling, CC

GE- Heidi Sia Rahman, CC

Word of the Day

GRM TM Supatra Lee’s word of the day was:

adj Im-persep-te-bel
(Of an action or change)
So slight that it cannot be noticed.


  1. When they brought her into the emergency room her breathing was imperceptible.
  2. As a confident speaker & host Gerald’s nervousness was imperceptible.

Tip of the Day

T&T Lai Ling Ling’s timer tip of the day was

“You only have that much time on stage, so make sure you grab the most of that attention & make the most of it”

Prepared speech session

Gerald then proceeded to the prepared speech session by speaker Rahmat Tarsat, CC who attempted her L3P1 of her “Effective Coaching” pathways. Her speech was titled “The problem is…” Evaluating her was TM Awfa Nawawi. Rahmat’s speech objective was to focus on the positive & to be aware of her thoughts.

In Rahmat’s speech she shared that she noted down her experiences through reflective journaling. How in the beginning she was afraid of sharing too much information with the people around her for the fear it might one day be used against her. Because of that she felt lonely.

She shared with us her experiences as a biology teacher, how the other teachers would often make accusations such as why don’t her students clean up or how she was having classes before the break or her being sick, all of this despite her trying her best, have gotten permission and due to things beyond her control.

The accusations made her feel angry and sad, but rather than just staying that way she made the effort to ask, clarify & iron out any misunderstandings. She shared that most people are fair & supportive if we just reach out to them & ask.

Table Topics session

After Rahmat’s speech the meeting then moved on to the Table Topics session presided by Aziman Nasir, ACB, ALB.

For the table topic speakers we had

  1. TM David Lim “What does he want to be famous for?”
    Helping others
  2. TM Salih Jamaluddin “When did he last cry?”
    He cried during his grandfather’s funeral & when he first visited his first visited his grandfather’s grave with his father. He also cried when he listened to a song about a father & his son.
  3. TM Reuben Chin “What is his biggest fear?”
    Butterflies because as a photographer they look like worms with wings.
  4. Brendan Ti “What is a perfect day for him?”
    Brendan shared how his father rarely had time for him when he was young. His father was a race car driver who was rarely home. However now that he is all grown up he realize the challenge his parents faced to make a living & to support his family. Because of that his life goal is to be able to support his family & being able to spend quality time with them.
  5. TM Amran “If he could have dinner with anyone in the world who would it be?”
    His father because we rarely realize how precious some is until we’ve lost them.

Break time

After the table topics session we had a short break where our members enjoyed some pandan chicken, buns & mandarins.


Then we had workshop by Rozana Yunos, ACG, CL.

During the workshop Rozana shared her ABCs in Communication – Active Listening, Being Objective and Context and Clarity. She shared the meaning and the skills to be developed for each component. She also shared the benefit of its application which is to be a better communicator and that being a better communicator is a skill that everyone can learn so long as they are willing to work at it.

Evaluation session

Following the workshop was the evaluation session presided by GE Heidi Sia Rahman, CC.

Best Table Topic Ribbon was won by our guest Brendon Ti & Best Evaluator was won by TM Supatra Lee.


  1. BASC meeting is this coming Friday those interested in attending feel free to contact @TM Rahmat . There is  2 free seats sponsored by the club, so be fast not to lose the chance if you’re interested.
  1. UBD TM changed venue from UBD to Progresif Level 2.

Our TME for next week is TM @TM Awfa. Please do not hesitate to show her your support.

Written by TM David Lim