On 2nd of October we marked the end of the first quarter under the new executive committee with an auspicious celebratory get together potluck, where we were visited by four guests and had a total headcount of 27.


Our get together started at 6, where the masses of delectable began to flock & covering the air with whiffs of savory foods of all kinds of food and flavors.

From the mouthwatering pizzas, to the juicy spaghetti & meatballs, to scotch eggs, pandan chicken, crispy popiahs, chicken mushroom puffs, lasagna cups, crispy salted egg bitter gourd, lekor, chicken mushroom puffs, vegetable croquettes, BBQ chicken wings, donuts, fruits and healthy drinks.

It was a night to remember, with chats and chews, smiles and delights as everyone buzzed through enjoying great food, great music and most importantly great company.

The ambiance continued throughout the night as our SAA David and TME TM Supatra Lee opened our meeting at 7.30pm with introducing our happy guests for the evening
Ravi, Siti Hasnah, Mr Lim & Hal.

Our roleplayers for the night were:

  1. TTM TM Philip Mooi,
  2. TTE TM Jidun Dollah,
  3. AHC TM Haryati Abd Gafur,
  4. GE Gerald Goh, CC, ALB.
  5. As well as GRM Heidi Sia Rahman whose word of the was:



1. To give power/ energy/ to make more active/ per productive/ change

Synonym: energise

1. I was dynamised by Sophiana’s change that I signed up spot on for singing lessons.
2. We had a party in the club today to dynamise members relationships.

Timer and Tip TM Nabilah Abu Bakar’s tip of the day was to “Take a breather, Take your time to plan the speech and do not sleep after the heavy dinner!”

Our TMEs thought of the day was “Life is short, be kind”- Hjh Rosmawati binti Hj Manaf.

Prepared Speech

Our prepared speech was by Lai Ling Ling, PM3. The project was L4P1, and the objective was to manage a difficult crowd.

Ling Ling’s speech was titled  “The One Serious Hobby”

In the speech Ling Ling talked about the importance of hobbies & how to get to the next level of mastery and turn our hobby into something serious, which was to plan things out in 3 different parts which was to:

1. Find the tools
– Equipment
– Place
– People

2. Time

3. Target

Ling Ling emphasized the importance of the 3 parts in obtaining mastery. After the 3 parts are fulfilled the next important part is to practice, where she quoted according to Malcolm Gladwell in order to achieve true mastery it requires “10,000 hours of practice”.

During the speech Ling Ling was heckled most notably by Reuben, Jidun, Nabil, Kelvin and Dalton. Regardless she showed calmness, quick thinking and composure in a professional manner.

With overwhelming wit and positivity to turn things around she closed things off with a bang as she crossed the finish line, followed by a roaring ovation from the crowd.

Ling Ling’s speech was evaluated by Allen Ang, DTM. He highlighted that there were still room
for improvement.

Allen noted that in order to stop troublemakers from escalating, its best to set the ground rules from the start, to calm down and adjust the speed of our speed speech when the going gets tough, to focus on those who do pay attention and not those who don’t.

Table Topics

During our TableTopics session we had:

1. Aziman who shared his tips in coping with stress, which was to delegate, do his part, not stress things that aren’t within his control.

2. Awfa ” If given another life to live what would you like to live as? Why?Awfa thought that maybe she wanted to live as a chef or maybe a Korean man. But putting jokes aside if given another chance to live she would most likely still like to live as herself because she had a great home, family and career.

3. Siti Hasnah “How do you respond to criticism?”
Soldier on regardless of what happens

4. Ravi ” In all accomplishment what do you feel the most proud of ?”
In his life there are 2 sets of deeds one he did for himself & one he did for others. Ravi said his proudest moments were achievements that he did for others because it adds values to others lives. Helping a person half paralyzed in his body make a living was his proudest achievement.

5. Mr Lim ” What is your favorite date of the year?”
His Birthday because of his family, kids and cake.

6. Ong Yin ” Greatest thing that happened in your life?”
Being free & able to take care of her parents & keep on improving.

Our best TableTopic speaker was won by Ong Yin and best evaluator was won by GRM Heidi Sia Rahman!

1. There will be a Speech tonight at OTTERS by TM Kelvin Lai.

Gerald Goh, CC, ALB will also be receiving his certificate of appreciation for volunteering as a judge at for the Science Show Competition.

2. Next week UBD will be celebrating their 4 year anniversary with cake. The meeting will be starting at 7.30pm.

3. Anyone interested in attending BASC this Friday feel free to contact our VPE Rahmat Tarsat.

4. Next week’s TME is TM Awfa Nawawi; feel free to contact her for a role to dynamise the next meeting!


Written by TM David Lim
Photos taken by Aziman Nasir, ACB, ALB and TM Sophiana Chua