Just do it!

The energetic Jordan Yau, CL was TME of the night with the thought of the day being ‘Don’t let your dreams be dreams & just do it’ by Shia Labeouf.

To join Jordan in his team of Evaluators were none other than:

-TTM Aziman Nasir, ACB, ALB

-TTE Lai Ling Ling, PM3

-GRM TM Ida Mahmud

-AHC TM Nabilah Abu Bakar

-TMR & Tip Rahmat Tarsat, CC

Our word of the day by GRM Ida Mahmud was pithy-precisely meaningful forceful & brief.

Our Timer Tip of the day by TMR Rahmat Tarsat was ‘Don’t apologize whatever happens don’t apologize & have fun’

There to evaluate the flow of the meeting was GE Wong Hui Ting, IL1.

Attending our meeting as a guest were Asnah, Arden, Boon Kiat, Yee Cheng and Hal.


Prepared Speeches

In her speech titled, ‘Find me friends’, Syatrah Roslan, SR2 talked about how she challenged herself to meet  new people & make lasting friendships despite being a slightly socially awkward homebody. Syatrah emphasized that quality trumps quantity. To create lasting friendships do the following

  1. Be genuinely interested in the person we are talking to.
  2. Follow up & exchange contact details.

In TM Kelvin’s speech ‘How to talk to teenagers’, he highlighted the difference between talking at and talking to teens. Kelvin shared his 3 secrets to talking the teens which were to ask the 3 magical questions:

  1. Are you okay?
  2. How was your day?
  3. What are you going to do about it?

By asking questions we empower teens by communicating to them, that they have a choice, that they can do something about it and that allows them to grow into true adults.

Table Topics

Table Topics session was led by Aziman with the theme of Life Advice

  1. TM Sophiana – What is the one book everyone must read?

As an awkward teenager with a few friends, Sophiana turned to books for comfort. She recommends everyone to read ‘How to win friends and influence people’ by Dale Carnegie.


  1. Guest Arden – What is one piece of financial advice everyone should know?

Arden who works as an auditor advised everyone to not put all your eggs in one basket. Invest in multiple investments to maximize your chances and minimize risks.


  1. Guest Asnah – What is the one quality everyone must have?

Asnah shared that everyone must have honesty, integrity and for people to be at peace.


  1. TM Jidun – What is one thing you don’t have to think twice about spending on?

Jidun advised to spend your money on investing in yourself; be it education, an interest or something that challenges yourself towards a better life.


  1. Guest Boon Kiat – What is your definition of life?

Boon Kiat said that his definition changes as life progresses. Life is a journey of continuous self-growth and improvement. Boon Kiat won the best Table Topic Speaker ribbon


  1. Reuben, ACG, ALB – What’s the one thing you learn the hard way?

Reuben learned that most of us ‘don’t know’. How little we know about what we want to do. He asked friends who looks like they have it all together, but the truth is, like him, they also ‘don’t know’.


Rano, ACB, ALB won the Best Evaluator ribbon and was constructive and gave Syatrah his thoughts in a clear manner with detailed reasons why, as well as how she can improve.

Nabil recommended Kelvin to use more visual aids when describing an image.

Ling Ling our TTE crafted her evaluation with charisma. She had stage presence and gives her evaluation in a constructive manner.

Ida the GRM was commended for choosing a relatable word used in daily life. Pithy which means precisely meaningful, forceful and brief.

Nabilah our AHC was praised for her improvements and had confidence in evaluating.


Rano shared his experiences as a first time head judge of contest at PTE Tutong. He was impressed by the students’ potential as speakers. He encouraged members to take the chance to serve as a judge.

Next TME is TM Haryati, do contact her for roles. Looking forward to next week’s meeting!


Written by TM David Lim and Syatrah Roslan, SR2
Photos taken by TM Sophiana Chua and TM Ida Mahmud