It was TM Sharon Lim’s turn to be TME for the night. The meeting received 8 guests which  added pressure to the two speakers for the night: TM Kelvin Lai and Aziman Nasir, ACB, ALB.

Kelvin’s CC7 speech talks about moderation. He specifically mentions on how we should use our phone’s moderately. He introduced an interesting new term to the audience which is ‘nomophobia’, which means fear of not having mobile phones. With facts and personal experience, Kelvin recommends us to use our phones only when it is necessary.

Aziman attempted his third folktale speech from the Story Telling (Advanced Communication Series) manual, which is called Bukit Tempayan Pisang. The story was about seven bunian princesses used to live at the forest hill at Muara. Each princesses possess magical crystals which would shine brightly during full moon. However, a mythical guardian or Mt Kinabalu wanted these crystals and war was ignited between the two sides. The now-called Bukit Tempayan Pisang was named due to the seven bunian princesses built a fort made from porcelain jars (tempayan) and stuffed it with banana stems to repel the arrows from the guardian.

For the table topics session we had the pleasure of our guests delivering a few impromptu speeches. Firstly it was by guest Shirley with the question : What is her dream job? Shirley shared with us that she used to work in the oil & gas industry. For her, it can be any job as long as the job gives meaning to you. For her, as long as the job improve someone else’s life. She picked a quote from Robert Byrne : the purpose of life is a life of purpose.

Our second guest speaker is Jesnani: How would she describe her father? She happily shared that her father was a policeman. As she was the only daughter among her siblings, she was the centre of the family. As the only daughter, when she was young  she gets whatever she wants.

Afis is our third guest speaker: In one sentence advice, on how to live life , what would it be? Afis said wing it! Which he meant to just do what we want to do. Life doesn’t have to be in a specific formula. An example he said, 1 + 1 doesn’t always means 2. 4 -2 can also leads to 2. Therefore his message for us was to live life to the fullest and what Nike tag line says: Just Do It!

Our last guest speaker was Adi. He was asked “what type of adventure do you go for?” Adi said it would be travelling. When we visit another country, we could learn the culture, even if its just for a few days. If he had the time and money, he would stay even longer, and travel around the world. The countries he would love to visit would be America, Canada and Switzerland. He could even do hiking during those visits, as it would be relaxing.

The table topics concluded with our guest member from UBD : Farhan. The question he was asked was whether he believes in love at first sight? Farhan started by declaring that there are different types of love: love for family, loved ones, among friends and even pet. Farhan shared his recent trip to ASEAN for a volunteering program. There he was struck by a fellow volunteer from Thailand which they managed to become good friends.

Congratulations to Shirley for winning the Best Table Topics ribbon!

Written by Aziman Nasir, ACB, ALB
Photos taken by TM Jidun Dollah