Boy band

It was raining men last Tuesday evening with Gerald Goh, CC, ALB’s ensemble of manly roleplayers.

Gerald’s thought of the day “alone we can create a melody; together we can create a symphony” highlighted the crux of any Toastmasters meeting: teamwork!

Equally important is learning. We learned from Grammarian, Rano Iskandar, ACB, ALB, that crux means ‘decisive or most important point of any issue’.

We were taught by Timer and Tip, Aziman Nasir, ACB, ALB, to look at him during speeches – so as not to miss the red “time-out” light.

TM Jidun Dollah educated us on how important it is to ‘get a health check up’ – regardless of possible emotional, monetary and spatial inconveniences. His evaluator, Jason Koo, was moved.

Table Topics Master, Jordan Yau, CL, facilitated a session of ‘fandom’ discovery, where we found out that:

1. Ida’s favourite song is ‘Earth Song’ by Michael Jackson. The world needs help, and the song motivates her to contribute.

2. Reuben would rather stall than plead with Jordan to be the bassist of his band. (Your fans still love you, Jordan!)

3. Rahmat would write to Jessie J, thanking her for writing her song, ‘Who You Are’. Until today, it is her go-to song whenever she feels down and lost.

4. Supatra can easily apply for leave to attend a concert. No awkward negotiations with higher ups required!

5. Pranika wants to be famous for winning a Nobel Peace Prize – only for 15 minutes, because compared to those who have won it, she feels less caring of what is happening around the world.

6. Ling Ling is a fan of men who love her, regardless of their looks and talents. “Life’s questions can be answered with a man by your side.” This great piece of wisdom won her the Best Table Topics Ribbon!

Table Topics Evaluator, Hazwan Kamarulzaman, ACB, ALB, advised us to fully immerse ourselves in our storytelling – this won him the Best Evaluator Ribbon!

Ah Counter and Who Said What, TM David Lim, revealed our crutch words for the evening. The audience was quick and accurate when answering his quiz – proof that they were an attentive bunch!

Plenty of other insights were also provided by General Evaluator, Hilman Omar, CC.


1. Presentation of Level 1 Pathways Completion to Rahmat Tarsat, CC.

2. Appreciation and Installation dinner will be held at Starlodge, Jerudong, on the 8th September, 7-10PM. Let the ExCo know if you would like to attend!

3. Next month, BSC will be doing a club visit to OTTERS. Do speak to Ling Ling for more information and carpool arrangements.

Our next TME is Kelvin Lai. Contact him if you would like to be a part of an evening of ‘childhood’.

Written by Rahmat Tarsat, CC
Photos taken by TM Masridah Mahmud