Procrastinate no more!

With the theme, ‘Procrastinate no more!’ the genuinely lovable TM Philip Mooi won our hearts, serving as TME for the first time. He shared his thought of the day : “I’m not a procrastinator, I’m just extremely productive at unimportant things.” Philip hopes that after tonight’s workshop, we will be more productive!

Speech Session

In her ice breaker speech, TM Nabilah Abu Bakar shared a series of important life decisions First being education, second in partner for life and lastly the best decision of her life – quitting her job.

She began her story by telling us that who she is today are based on a few major decisions she made in life. First was by her education, where she had to decide to pursue her passion for medicine (because she wanted to be a doctor), or be a geologist (a high paying job in a well reputable company in the country). The second choice she made was to choose a beautiful partner of her choice, and that led her to have two beautiful toddlers now. After 13 years of serving the country in the oil and gas sector, she is now the Stay-at-home-Household Manager.

Workshop Session



Next we had a workshop session by Reuben Chin, ACB, ALS, on productivity. Do, decide, delegate or delete tasks based on importance and urgency.

Break time

During the break, we had cake to celebrate members born in July: TM Haryati Abd Gafur, Rahmat Tarsat, CC and Pooja Shivanand, CC. Happy Birthday!

Table Topics Session

One of the pillars of the club TTM Gerald Goh, CC, AL.B, prepared fitting topics for speakers based on dilemmas. His methods of delivering the question was unique, where he seeks advice and opinions as they would converse in a gathering.

Rent or buy (loan) a house?
Aziman Nasir, ACB, ALB was the first person with the advise: should we rent or buy (loan) a house? Aziman presented his case with the two options. The implications of renting and loaning a house. Aziman advised to rent if you are constantly moving and buy a house if you see yourself staying longer than 3-5 years.

Save or invest?
Gerald has won the lottery ten years ago, and she asks TM Sharon Lim: should he save or invest the money? Sharon advised to read the book Rich Dad, Poor Dad. In the book, she explained we should invest wisely. And most important of all is to invest in yourself.

Stay or change careers?
TM David Lim was asked for advise to Gerald on should he change his career, or stay at his current job? David answered to choose what you enjoy and like doing, and money is just the second priority.

What major should you have taken instead?

Lastly we have a guest speaker: Hal, who was ask whether he should’ve changed his major during his studies? Hal answered that he was grateful to study Bio-chemistry, and after 9 years graduated, he still believe it is a good choice. As he is looking into wellness, he learns how each cell of our body works and its functions.

Best table topic speaker was… Hal!

Haryati won best evaluator as AHCWSW, catching 56 crutch words and filler sounds as well as providing valuable lessons in her report. Congratulations!

Written by Aziman Nasir, ACB, ALB and Syatrah Roslan, SR2
Photos taken by Heidi Rahman, CC and TM Sophiana Chua