Speech Milestones For End of BSC1718

"I really enjoyed the meeting," said TM David Lim.

A huge thanks to BSC members for making this term 2017-2018 a fulfilling and memorable one.


BSC1718 held its last meeting on Tuesday, 26th June. Meeting theme was 'Synergy' and the Word of the Day 'Benevolent'.

There were 2 milestone speeches. We wouldn't forget anytime soon the awesome icebreaker by TM Philip Mooi who tickled our funny bone, and the inspiring CC10 speech by Heidi Rahman, now a Competent Communicator. Congratulations to both Heidi and Philip.

For table topics, Table Topics Master TM Sophiana Chua whipped out a booklet of 300+ Table Topics questions to challenge the audience. The winner of Table Topics was TM Supatra Lee who vowed to wake up early for work.

Best Evaluator was the Table Topics Evaluator, Rano Iskandar, ACB, ALB, who gave detailed evaluation with specific suggestions.

We celebrated our last membership quarterly achievement of BSC1718. Both TM Sharon Lim & Rahmat Tarsat, ACB, ALB tied for winning the most ribbons between April and June. The achievements of highest attendance and most roles taken up were awarded to Lai Ling Ling, CC, PM2, and Aziman Nasir, ACB, ALB. Most Improved went to TM Wong Hui Ting, while Most Outstanding was rewarded with a Toastmasters pin, which was conferred upon Ling Ling.

  1. For AOB, we were reminded to complete the survey conducted by the upcoming BSC1819 ExCo. The purpose is to help the ExCo decide what actions to take which suit our next term's preferences.
  2. Brunei Advanced Speakers Club (BASC) is holding a meeting on Saturday, 1st July. The guest of honour is Liana Kwan, DTM.

In her last closing session, President Pooja Shivanand, CC, ALB, thanked members. She thanked the BSC1718 ExCo for their zeal, prudence, diligence, charm, planning and benevolence. She hopes that BSC will continue to excel.


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