Notes 12th June 2018

TM David Lim was Toastmaster of the Evening for the first time. He hoped we were all ready for a treat - Lai Ling Ling, CC, PM2, gave her Pathway Level 3, Project 3 Persuasive Speaking prepared speech. This speech was evaluated by Nabil Abdul Kadir, CC, ALB.

TM Nabilah Abu Bakar made us do the talking by being Table Topics Master. This was also the first time for Nabilah. Evaluating the Table Topics session was done by Syatrah Roslan, SR2.

The timing of the evening was monitored by TM Dalton Lim. The crutch and filler words were recorded by TM Lim Mei Ann, while proper grammar usage was observed by Aziman Nasir, ACB, ALB.

The entire meeting was evaluated by Farhan Jafar Ali, CC, ALB.

Closing remarks were given by Vice President Membership, TM Jidun Dollah.

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TM David Lim & TM Lim Mei Ann