Learning Never Ends

"Selamat Hari Raya!" greeted TM Hjh Haryati Abd Gafur. If you missed the meeting on 19th June 2018, here's the recap.

Rano Iskandar, ACB, ALB, ran a workshop on the "do"s & "don't"s of social media in the Bruneian, business and safety contexts. He recommended that we do reveal our source of information, avoid deleting constructive feedback, and never posting a photo of our flight boarding passes.

The meeting had 4 Table Topics speakers who had something to say on the evening's theme of "learning". Syatrah Roslan, SR2, noted that our speakers had good poised, maintained eye contact, and used purposeful hand gestures. The joint winners were TM Sharon Lim and Shahu Abdullah, IP2 (the latter being a visiting member from UBD Toastmasters Club). Also, well done to the Table Topics Evaluator, Aziman Nasir, ACB, ALB, for giving concrete and diverse points in his evaluation.

Word of the Day was "myriad", as chosen by Grammarian Lai Ling Ling, CC, PM2.

Kudos to TM Sharon Lim for her meticulous preparation as Toastmaster of the Evening. It was TM David Lim's first time being Timer & Tip, and this represents a steady rhythm in his learning and growth experience. Pranika Lama, ACS, ALB was the General Evaluator, who oversaw the evaluation session. The Best Evaluator was Reuben Chin, ACG, ALB, as the Ah Counter & Who Said What. Did you know that the 'Who Said What' role was a BSC invention?

In the closing session, Rano shared that him taking the Vice President Education role was most rewarding. He became more connected with members, and was more disciplined in planning ahead. He thanked fellow members and the BSC1718 ExCo.


Writer: TM Hjh Haryati Hj Abd Gafur

Proofreader: TM Lim Mei Ann