Notes 15th May 2018

Here is the recap of yesterday's meeting:

  • Rahmat Tarsat, ACB, ALB & Lai Ling Ling, CC, PM1 both won Best Speaker for their L1P1 (Ice Breaker Speech) and L3P1 (Connect with Storytelling Speech), respectively.

It's been catalytic for TM David Lim.

  • He joined Toastmasters a fortnight ago, was elected as Sergeant at Arms last week, and took up his first meeting role as Table Topics Master. This sequence and David's first role at TTM was commended and applauded by General Evaluator, Rano Iskandar, ACB, ALB.
  • TM Dalton Lim won Best Table Topics, and he's proud to be back at university.
  • Future President, Aziman Nasir, ACB, ALB is also future dad.
  • Immediate Past President, Jordan Yau (joke: Jordan Lee), CC, won his first ribbon for Best Evaluator.
  • Treasurer, Ong Yin, CC, CL, reminded and encouraged bringing water bottles so we can reduce the reliance on paper cups.
  • In yesterday's closing, TM Awfa Nawawi shared how proud she is for overcoming challenges in her second term as SAA.

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