Happiness is an act

Our meeting theme last night was 'happiness'.

The Word-of-the-Day was 'flummox'.

TM Wong Hui Ting, resident psychologist(/Potterhead), gave her Level 1 Project 3 speech entitled "Now Think Yourself Happy". The speech was about how our thinking can literally affect our immune system positively and negatively. Hui Ting talked specifically about how stress can cause some health issues. "Now Think Yourself Happy" was evaluated by Aziman Nasir, ACB, ALB.

In the outcome of the Table Topics session based on the theme, Reuben Chin, ACS, ALB, who answered whether words or actions make him happy, won the Best Table Topics Speaker. Other Table Topics speakers included Hazwan Kamarulzaman, ACB, ALB, Amran Jamaluddin, CC, CL, and... "a flummoxed harmonica"?

It was observed that all role-players did well to embody the theme perfectly. With Rano Iskandar, ACB, ALB as Table Topics Master, and Lai Ling Ling, CC, PM1, a session of fun and entertainment was guaranteed!

Newer members were bravely trying out roles unfamiliar to them.

Our twice-in-a-row acting Sergeant at Arms, TM David Lim, was enthusiastic, did a wonderful job in the opening, and was helpful throughout the meeting.  Following our latest member's enchanting introduction in our previous meeting, TM Nabilah Abu Bakar, was trying out her new role as Grammarian. TM Philip Mooi, an entertaining impromptu speaker, was the Table Topics Evaluator instead. Gavelier Teo Siang Jun shared his youthful energy with us as Timer and Tip.

Best Evaluator was our bubbly Ah Counter & Who Said What, TM Sharon Lim.

Well done to all role-players and speakers for keeping the energy up, as well as, making the meeting an interactive one.

Happiness is an act, so take action and do one thing that makes you happy today: come to BSC meeting!


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