Safarul Hassan, 2nd Tri-Annual Featured Member of BSC1718

Safarul Professional

Featuring the second person of the Tri-Annual Featured Member Series of BSC1718, TM Safarul Hassan!

TM Safarul Hassan is a Procurement Executive and a member of Toastmasters since 2016.

He’s very passionate about cats, and is known to use pictures of cats to humour and uplift mood.

Safarul at Mount K.

Safarul at Mount K.

Safarul and Cats

Safarul and Cat Company

In his spare time, he goes travelling and is equally passionate about it.

In this feature, TM Jidun Dollah and TM Lim Mei Ann find out about the person behind the name of Safarul Hassan.

1) JD: How did you first hear about Toastmasters?

I was hanging out with a friend in KB when she mentioned Toastmasters and its benefits to communication skills. In another coincidence, I met Rano, our now Vice President Education. I got more curious... so I 'googled' when and where. That led me to the BSC website. I went to a club meeting despite not knowing anyone.

Seek to understand before being understood.

2) MA: What made you decide to join BSC?

It took me 10 club sessions before committing! The combination of knowing what Toastmasters is about, and how active BSC is as a club, first piqued my interest. I felt I could really learn something here. Interacting with the club members and having the right sort of support level at BSC allowed me to gain confidence in myself and I was encouraged.

3) JD: How did Toastmasters help you so far in your professional life?

To listen. I didn't realised listening would a skill I would be learning. Being involved with Tables Topics - either as host or evaluator - meant listening to recap, not to rehash, but to add flavour to our evaluations and transition well between topics. When I listen better, it helps me to give feedback more effectively. "Seek to understand before being understood".

As an executive, I'm in the position to negotiate, defend and push ideas with colleagues. Situations can get awkward, and being a Toastmasters helped me be a facilitator at the workplace.

4) MA: What is your favourite meeting role in Toastmasters, and why?

Being a Table Topics Master. When I come up with questions, I get thoughtful about the person, what the answer is, how valuable the topic is for them. During the transition, I like to interject with personal stories - teaches you to be an M.C., a role many are afraid of, but being in the spotlight is not unfamiliar to me. It doesn't mean I'm not scared, but sometimes I like to speak up. Speak loudly, clearly, slowly.

5) JD: Do you have any message for the club members?

It’s been a wonderful journey in BSC for me and I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know, interact and work with everyone here. It’s one of the most worthwhile club that I have ever joined.

Keep up the good fight in your personal self development while at the same time supporting each other!