Notes 19th December 2018

Our projector was missing; nonetheless, Sergeant at Arms, TM Awfa Nawawi started the meeting punctually and guided us through the opening motions, including remembering our club mission! So, all was good. Geneviève Lai, DTM, took over as Toastmaster of the Evening, and also transitioned smoothly.

Word of the Day was 'fledging', which was introduced by son of Nasir, Aziman, ACB, ALB.

Also helping the TME run the meeting smoothly were TM Ida Mahmud (Ah Counter & Who Said What), Lai Ling Ling, CC (Timer & Tip), TM Hjh Haryati Hj Abd Gafur (Table Topics Evaluator) and Farhan Jafar Ali, CC, ALB (General Evaluator).

TM Sophiana Chua prepared a speech about being a mother (or 'glan-ma') on a mission.

Table Topics questions by Rahmat Tarsat, CC, ALB, on 'celebrations' were varied, including:

  • How would you celebrate being 100 years old? Hazwan Kamarulzaman, ACB, ALB would seriously attempt backflips by being physically fit.
  • How would you celebrate achieving something great? Of course, TM Philip Mooi would throw a party with us!
  • How would you celebrate life when everything around you does not go your way? TM Jidun Dollah was wise to advise that it's a matter of perspective.
  • If celebrations such as birthday were associated with a colour, what colour would yours be? TM Safarul Hassan's answer is... *drumrolls...* red!


Post Contributor: TM Lim Mei Ann