From frowns to smiles

The evening's Toastmasters of the Evening (TME) on 18th July 2017, Gerald Goh, CC, ALB, started the meeting with great zest by energizing the crowd with his enthusiasm and excitement.
It was followed by TM Safarul Izwan's CC3 speech project entitled "Turning a frown to a smile". He shared an anecdote of his nephew throwing a fit for not taking him to the park. Safarul went on to share how he diffused a wailing child by way of negotiation. With the right negotiation skills, Safarul confidently and easily stopped a child from crying further.
Gerald handing Best Speaker Ribbon to Safarul

Gerald handing Best Speaker Ribbon to Safarul

Aziman Nasir, CC, ALB, told a Bruneian folktale "Jong Batu", a story about an unfilial son who turned into stone for turning his back on his frail mother, as part of his advanced project.
Hayati Kamis, CC, also did an advanced project. Her speech project was based on the 'Resource for Entertainment' advanced manual and it was an enjoyable speech about "Steps on how to be an adult". 
Writer: Gerald Goh, CC, ALB
Proofreader: TM Lim Mei Ann
Photographer: Anonymous