17th January 2017 – Support, Praise & Thanks

How does one start a meeting with high energy? The task was executed perfectly by the enthusiastic SAA, CC Derby Teo. She got the audience to applaud as the guests introduced themselves. Gabriel turned out to become a better speaker and Safarul proudly announced that he had become a member of BSC!

List of office bearers

Thought of the Day: “A good choice today will lead to a better tomorrow. We have the power to choose…Use it wisely”

Table Topics Master – Rahul Breh, CC

Table Topics Evaluator – Ong Yin, CL

Grammarian – Pooja Shivanand, CC, ALB

Word of the Day: ‘Bolster’ (verb) meaning to support or strengthen.

Rhetorical Device of the Day: Idioms

Ah Counter & Who Said What – Jordan Yau, CL

Timer & Tip – Aziman Nasir, CC, ALB

Tip of the Day: Take some time to enjoy your life. Relax instead of being constantly busy.

General Evaluator – Nuriskandar Hasnan, CC

Prepared Speech Session

Raw Rice by TM Awfa Nawawi

What has raw rice got to do with life? The audience listened intently as TM Awfa delivered her CC5 project. She likened her life to a series of undercooked rice as she puts little effort into her hobbies. She worked hard to pay for violin lessons, only to quit after she learnt how complicated playing the violin was. She indulged in food and decided to take up running. TM Awfa completed a marathon but then quit and went back to her bad eating habits. Her brothers convinced her to pick up another sport. She chose fencing and trained three times a week. Just when she felt like quitting again, TM Awfa picked up the sword and kept fighting. She learnt that maintaining a hobby is a journey that requires will and energy. At the end of the journey, you will see your achievement – perfectly cooked rice.

Praise with Power by TM Kelvin Lai

Close your eyes for a moment and recall that time when you were praised. Did you feel warm on the inside? TM Kelvin explained the difference between flattery and praise before delving into the different kinds of praises. He enlightened the audience on the three levels of praise – surface, brain and heart. A surface level compliment is the brief and sweet kind that he gives to his new students. A brain level praise is based on criteria, the kind that a speaker receives at meetings. However, a heart level compliment reaches into a person and draws out a warm feeling. It is the kind that you deliver to a person you know well. For instance, TM Heidi felt good after she received a compliment when she stopped apologizing for her ahs and uhms. In giving a heart level compliment, keep in mind who the recipient is and how it can benefit him or her. A praise from the heart must always be sincere and has the power to change a person for the better. In his conclusion, TM Kelvin pointed out that he would not be a Toastmaster had it not been for the sincere praises he received.

Me and Ms Trust by Hilman Omar, CC

Who was this Ms Trust who was always on Hilman’s mind? It was the voice in his head that kept warning him not to be too clingy to friends. Ms Trust constantly told Hilman that his friends did not care about him. Hilman relied on Ms Trust without question until he got into an accident. Hilman was under a lot of pressure from having too many assignments and losing a friend. To release the stress, he went to OTTERS and on his way home, Ms Trust convinced Hilman that no one cared about him. He put the metal to the pedal and crashed his car! In the aftermath, Hilman’s constant companion, Ms Trust, turned silent. After receiving Nabil and Pranika’s texts, he learnt that others do care. So, Hilman stopped believing Ms Trust and bonded with his Toastmasters friends.

Table Topics Session (Theme: Thank Yous and Apologies)

“What would you say in your apology to your students?” Reuben Chin, ACG, ALB explained how difficult his job can be when he faces his students at the start of the week. He apologised to his students for his lack of energy and crankiness on Mondays. Reuben finds it challenging to be upbeat after an exhausting weekend. Reuben was praised for his good structure and clear main point.

“Thank someone in the room” Amran Jamaluddin, CC thanked several BSC members. He still finds public speaking challenging and he would not be a public speaker if it were not for the support he received. He thanked members for their encouragement in the past and also in the future. Amran was complimented on his strong opening and progress.

“Thank a teacher” TM Safarul thanked his Physics teacher, Mr Ramachandran for his patience. TM Safarul confessed that he was not as bright as his friends so he enrolled for extra tuition. He scored a B3 after two years of studying under Mr Ramachandran’s tutelage. Ong Yin, CL congratulated TM Safarul for his good use of hand gestures and vocal variety.

“Thank you Kelvin” Ajeerah fell into depression after her second child. Her wanting to pursue her dreams while being a mom drove her into an overwhelming guilt. An uplifting text message from TM Kelvin changed her perspective and helped her heal. Ong Yin, CL commended Ajeerah for her natural hand gestures and sincerity.

Award Recipients

Best Table Topics – Ajeeratul


Best Evaluator – Ong Yin, CL

Closing Remarks:

Jordan Yau, CL reminded the audience that a speaker can uplift the mood in a meeting but the speaker also feeds on the reaction of the audience. So he thanked the audience for playing their role to make the meeting a success.

Written By: TM Haryati Abdul Gafur

Photography By: Gerald Goh, CL

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