10th January 2017 – A night of inspiration, entertainment and education!

The meeting was leaded by our enthusiastic toastmaster of the evening Tieng Chwei Peng, CC. The timer, TM A.Faiz Zailaini shared a tip —  ‘You only need to spend 5 mins to build your skill but you need to do it every day’. The thought of the day — ‘Without gratitude is unhappiness, practice gratitude no matter what, that way you will be happy and Peng is grateful for the support from TM camaraderie.

Role Players and Evaluators of the Evening

The word of the day – “extrapolate” The meaning of this word is: –

  1. to infer from values within an already observed interval
  2. to project, extend, or expand into an area not known or experienced so as to arrive at a usually conjectural knowledge of the unknown area

Our first speaker, TM Edy delivered her first Competent Communicator Project ‘The Ice-Breaking’, shared with us why she like Public Speaking and how she nurtures it. When she was young, she was in an all-girls school and she like sports and love reading books. She likes motivational books to find out the reason why people succeed and face obstacles as well as relationship matter! She fell in love with YouTube because she can watch more messages online. She ended the speech quote by Steve Jobs, “do what you love, if you haven’t find it, keep looking”. She enjoys public speaking.

Our second speaker, TM Rahmat Tarsat, she is not ready to deliver speech. NOT YET! She thinks she is not good as Allen, Chris Woo and she is not ready to express how she feels. She never told her mom she loves her and it is too late for her. Rahmat have unsaid words in her heart and always carry with her. She can never get it out when she knew her father got cancer, she immediately knows what she needed to do. To tell her father everything she wanted to. But she couldn’t. So, she joined toastmasters and trained so she can tell her father what she wanted to by participating in contests and when she got 3rd and she think she was good enough, she still couldn’t tell her father what she wanted to. Her father passed away and she didn’t tell what she wanted to. Stop waiting for perfection and just say it. All we need to be is just ourselves and as we not perfect enough, we can still do it.

Our third speaker, Gerald Goh, CL. He shared that he was a burden to his parents and self-centered as well as selfish person. He didn’t’ give much attention to her mother until her mother’s illness stripped her health away, ravished her liver, took away her limbs and amputated leg. With all those happened, Gerald still visited her less. A dreaded decision he had to made which was to send his mother to nursing home without remorse, attention and throwing tension. However, her mother passed away 14 days later. He couldn’t do anything and he regretted. His conclusion was it’s about take special care of other people’s feeling before it’s too late.

Our table topic speech session, first speaker, Jason Koo, shared about the box of chocolate that caught his attention. He immediately grabbed the chocolate box and saw the price of the box. He was thinking should he be more concern of the money he used to buy the chocolate for his love one or he sacrifice his money of his lunch on the following day. He chose the decision buying the chocolate for his love one and it is a memorable and sweet decision of his life.

Our second speaker, Wilson (guest) shared that his life is simple but when he feel that he is lost, he try to remind himself that his life is not over, he didn’t give up on his studies even though there were many obstacles. He even joined toastmaster in KL so that he can keep improving himself. He ended with one phrase which was “never stop at one spot and go for further other direction for success”

Third speaker, Brendan Ti , for the first 10 years of his life , he was just a mama boy and studying in school, for the next 10 years, he discovered what he likes, speed and music are a few examples of his hobbies. He first discovered that his passion for music leaded him into a DJ artist. However, his passion for speed is even greater, that’s why he ended up pursuing as a pilot.

Final speaker of the table topics, Hayati Kamis, she told the crowd that she recalled an embarrassing moment. She decided to have short hair. She wanted to be a whole new person for 2017. She skipped work just to cut her hair and she was mistaken as a boy by the people in her workplace. Even though it’s embarrassing for her, she still embraced the challenging moment of 2017.

That’s all for that meeting. The meeting was filled with 38 people in the room. We hope to see you all next week!

Written By: TM Dalton Lim

Photography By: Rano Iskandar, CC, CL

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