6th December 2016 – Take Note! Write, learn and share.


We were welcomed by Sergeant-at-arms TM Awfa Nawawi who livened the mood with her roaring energy. She shouted, she yelled, she commanded the crowd’s attention – with confidence.



  1. Siew Yong, a first time guest.
  2. Zaki who is hoping to be a member and Jefferey who went to Jordan’s wedding, were second time guests.
  3. Aqidah, who is a teacher, came as a guest for the third time.
  4. Izzah whom TM Aziman Nasir persuaded to come along.
  5. Rasyidah a student at STPRI who is also TM Awfa’s cousin.

List of Office Bearers


  • Toastmaster of the Evening (TME)
    With his witty humour and gusto, TM Macalister Mak presided over the night’s meeting.
    Thought of the day: ‘Don’t let the unkind actions of one person affect your mood throughout the day’
  • Table Topics Master
    The ever so eloquent and colourful TM Faiz Zailani
    Theme: Travel
  • Table Topics Evaluator
    TM Suneeta who revealed that she has never done table topics but was evaluating for the second time.
  • Grammarian
    The fearless TM Supatra
    Word of the day: Avuncular
    Meaning: Kind and friendly towards a younger or less experienced person
  • Ah Counter & ‘Who Said What?’
    Rano Iskandar, CC, CL who challenged the audience’s listening skills with increasing levels of difficulty.
  • Timer & Tip
    Gerald Goh, CL
    Tip of the day: Set a deadline so you will meet your goal
  • General Evaluator
    Theresa, CC.

Prepared Speech Session


With streaks of blue in her hair, TM Rahmat Tarsat took center stage. A few moments of silence, Rahmat looked around the room, gathered herself and delivered. She started her CC9: Persuade with Power speech titled ‘Take Note!’ Rahmat urged the audience to maximise their learning by taking, using and sharing their notes.

In Toastmasters, we learn how to become better speakers, better leaders and better people. We should take away and make use of our knowledge after every meeting; and one way we could remember what we learned is by taking notes. According to research, students would remember and understand better when they take notes. This is because taking notes extracts knowledge in the simplest form.

Rahmat told a story about Allen, who came from a non-English speaking background, and revealed his secret. Allen has a book. Allen would jot down the word of the day to improve on his vocabulary and made a point to maximise his learning progress. ‘Write it, learn it’. Allen is now DTM and has recently won the Humourous Speech Competition.

Rahmat then shared fact about Pooja CC, CL. Pooja has written 300 pages’ worth of evaluations. With writing and practice, she is the proud winner at District Evaluation Competition.

Rahmat concluded her speech with a tip to ‘share what we learn’ and persuaded Toastmasters to be lifelong learners. ‘Take note, use it, share it’.

Table Topics Sessions (Theme: Travel)


  • ‘When you travel, what is the one thing that you will always bring with you?’
    TM Aziman quipped, ‘My wallet!’ because he has cash, cards and ID in it. Cash to get food, drinks, a place to stay and transportation to get around. He added that he also needs his cellphone, sim card and portable Wi-Fi to let friends, family and his significant other know that he’s safe and alive. He added that he would need 3 pieces of luggage to fit all his shopping loot to bring home, because we all know he’s a big spender who travels to shop.
  • ‘What is the one reason you travel?’
    ‘Because I love it’, said TM Jidun. Jidun loves to travel and explore. When he travels, he changes his pattern. Instead of waking up early to go to work, he walks and explores. Jidun likes to travel every 3 months, and he excitedly declared that in 2 weeks’ time, he is going to Kota Kinabalu and Kuching even though he hasn’t bought the tickets yet. He concluded that he loves travelling because it breaks the mundane pattern of everyday life and stated that it is a cue that he is still young.
  • ‘Would you prefer to drive, cycle or walk?’
    Zaki, a second time guest explained that he likes to walk if the distances are short because he would like to appreciate the view and take in fresh air. He prefers to cycle or drive if the distance to travel is long. He especially enjoyed the experience of taking an MRT in Singapore.
  • ‘What is your worst travelling experience?’
    Jack, CC, ALB, who rarely travels, remembers a time where he went to Indonesia. A friend of his wanted to take him sightseeing. Expecting to go somewhere exciting, cool and adventurous, he was dejectedly disappointed when he was brought to a quiet, calming and peaceful expanse of rice paddy field. Paddy fields as far as the eyes can see, cows, hens and farm animals. Crickets. Jack ended his speech by requesting people to share their journeys and give out travelling advice.
  • ‘If you were given the chance to travel in space, would you go?’
    Hilman Omar, CC opened his speech with how space is hyped up, under researched and underrated. He then talked about NASA where they send people and satellites in space to conduct important researches, contribute ideas and inventions for the betterment of mankind. Hilman continued that he would love to travel in space and wouldn’t mind dying a glorified death in order to contribute to researches.
  • ‘Would you prefer to travel by air, sea or land?’
    Jefferey, our second time guest answered that he dreams on seeing the world on a cruise at sea. The idea of relaxing and passing time looking at the vast blue ocean and dolphins is calming to him. He also recommended people who are prone to sea sickness to travel by air.
  • ‘What would be your dream vacation?’
    Aqidah, a third time guest shared her purpose of travelling, which is to gain knowledge and meet people with different backgrounds to broaden her perspective. To her, meeting people is travelling because they impart their knowledge. Therefore, a dream vacation to her is a journey where she seeks knowledge.
  • ‘If you can travel anywhere in time, where would you be?’
    Yatii CC, CL is a fan of sci-fi movies and explained the butterfly effect – a concept where small causes can have large effects. Being the nice person she is, she would want to prevent World War 2 from happening, but wonders if the United Nations would come to existence if she succeeded. She concluded that she would go ‘nowhere’ back in time because it only complicates matters.

Award Recipients of the Evening

role_players best_evaluator

  • Best Table Topic Speaker: Yatii CC, CL
  • Best Evaluator: Derby Teo, CC


Closing remark


The closing remark was given by the Vice President of Education, Competent Leader, Gerald Goh. He brought to our attention that it is almost the end of the year, and even though most members are not present during the night’s meeting, they could still catch up via meeting recaps. He hopes that more members would come – doing more speeches and leadership roles.

Written By:

TM Syatrah Roslan

Photography By:

Rano Iskandar, CC, CL

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