13th December 2016 – Do the right thing when the time is right


Immediately after receiving the floor from the evening’s acting Sergeant at arms; Gerald Goh, CL, Toastmaster of the Evening; Hazwan Kamarulzaman, ACB, ALB gave us a detailed and immersive introduction of Toastmasters International. He proceeded to invite the following office bearers for an introduction.


Table Topics Master
TM Jidun Dollah revealed his topic theme of quotes on comfort zones.


Table Topic Evaluator
Amran Jamaluddin, CC advised Table Topic Speakers to gather their thoughts before delivering their speech with confidence.


Gentle and gleeful TM Syatrah Roslan introduced the Word of the Day; Ripsnorter. An adjective for something or someone remarkably good or exciting.


Ah counter and who said what
DTM Shawn Narcis who will be giving a quantitative report of crutch and filler words. In addition, he will quiz us on who said what from the night’s speech.


Timer and Tip
Reuben Chin, ACG, ALB gave us a tip to get mains points across promptly on time to qualify for best evaluator ribbon.


General Evaluator
Salih Jamaluddin, CC who will be providing evaluation report on each evaluator as well as a general report of the overall ambience in the club.




“Despite having countless things attend to, prioritize and make time for tasks in order of importance and urgency” was Hazwan’s Thought of the Day. On to the prepared speech session!



The future of Healthcare by TM Macalister Mak
CC 7 – Research your topic

In his recent trip to Singapore for Ecosperity Youth Leadership Dialogue, Macalister attended a conference on the future of healthcare. 2 seminars stood out, Genenomics (gene mapping) and video gaming in health.

Recent advancement in genenomics or gene mapping has been made affordable for anyone to map their genes to preemptively identify and treat cancerous cells. Through this development, Susan Loo of Zylabs China announced that they were able to create an experimental drug which potentially cures liver cancer with a 60% success rate. Also thanks to gene mapping, actress Angelina Jolie was able to remove cancer cells before spreading.

Another advancement that peaked Macalister’s interest was video gaming technology by Gazedi Labs. They came up with a solution which read a gamer’s brain wave and augment gameplay experience to improve memory, cognitive skills and attention span. The treatment is aimed to help autism and elderly patients.



Bruneispeakersclub.com by Aziman Nasir, CC, ALB
ACB 2 – Resources to inform

During the speech, Aziman drew our attention to the club’s website which holds a myriad of information for members and non-members. Visitors can find a listing of past and current executive committee who serves the club. The website was first started in 2014 by the previous Vice President of Public Relations Chang Seng Yee with the help of previous Vice President of Membership; Reuben Chin who provided the contents on meeting autonomy from Toastmasters International. Also present in the website is the meeting recap which are updated weekly by the Public Relations team. Aziman gave us a tip for upcoming Toastmasters of the evening to use the search bar to look for member’s most recent educational titles. Meeting recaps serves as a meeting minutes for those were not able to attend. In the member’s resource page, Toastmasters of the Evening can find attendance record and office bearers’ record so he/she can decide which member to approach for roles.


Table Topics


  • The quickest way to acquire self-confidence is do what you were afraid of

In the past, TM Najmuddin Tarif was afraid of public speaking. He got his first taste when he participated in a school speech contest. Instead of taking 5 minutes to speak, Naj took 10 minutes. But he needed an avenue to take his public speaking further. Hence, he joined Toasmasters.


  • A person who never make mistakes cannot learn anything new.

When TM Dalton Lim was slated to deliver a workshop in Medan, Indonesia, he attempted a practice run at OTTERS club. However, due to some technical glitches, he was not able to project his slides. Without it as a guide, Dalton delivered his work anyway. This mistake taught him to be well prepared for anything.


  • If you believe strongly in something, don’t be afraid to fight for it.

Our guest Louis, recently organized a run to create cardiac awareness. Despite having difficulties with other organizers, he fought and pressed on. To build up the hype, Louis tried to invite Princess Sara with the help of ISB School, but it didn’t pan out. So, he mustered his courage to approach and speak with her royal highness.


  • If we wait until we’re ready, we’ll be waiting for the rest of our lives.

In his speech, Jordan Yau, CL shared his recent marriage which lead to tying the knot. After almost 10 years of courtship, he decided to order a ring, but his then fiancé caught wind of it and recommended a a more economic option. The purchased ring came, but took Jordan months to propose. Although he prepared a speech for his proposal, he ended using 2 words, “You want?” He closed the speech by advising us to do the right thing when time is right.


Congratulations to Jordan for winning best table topics ribbon

Congratulations to Jordan Yau for winning best table topics ribbon


Guest Comments

Guest Comments

In his closing remark, President Jordan Yau professed that despite being away for a month, it was good to be back as there is a lot of new things to learn. He gave thanks to Syatrah for the word of the day, other speakers and roles players. He hopes the energy in meetings carries on to the new year.


Rahul Breh, CC receiving his BEst Evaluator Ribbon

Rahul Breh, CC receiving his Best Evaluator Ribbon


TM Jidun Dolla receiving his Halfway to Competent Communicator Ribbon

TM Jidun Dollah receiving his Halfway to Competent Communicator Ribbon


Written by

Gerald Goh, CL

Photography by

TM Supatra Lee

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