8th November 2016 – We all have an Ali story

Role-Players of the Evening


Toastmaster of the Evening: Amran Jamaluddin, CC.
Thought of the Day
: “Look for your mirror”. What our Toastmaster of the Evening mean by this is tthat we should all find that someone who will guide us to greater height – someone who is a reflection of who we want to be.

Table Topic Master: TM Mahani Mohsin

Table Topic Evaluator: TM Heidi Rahman

Ah Counter and ‘Who Said What’: Aziman Nasir, CC, CL

Grammarian: TM Jidun Dollah
Word of the Day: Garner, meaning to collect or gather. For example, “let’s garner new ideas and inspiration in this meeting”.

Timer and Tip: TM Hazman Alim
Tip of the Day: There might be no tomorrow. Therefore, whatever dreams you have, work on them immediately – especially if it is to become a Toastmaster (you know who to talk to)!

General Evaluator: Supatra Lee

Prepared Speech Session


A special meeting calls for a special speech from a special speaker. In the first half of the meeting, we were treated with a ‘Read-Out Loud’ Advanced Speech Project by Rano Iskandar, CC, CL. For his project, Rano chose to read Bill Clinton’s Eulogy for Muhammad Ali. The speech did not only celebrate Muhammad Ali’s victories as a fighter, speaker and personality. More importantly, it highlights his refusal to give in to Parkinson’s, a disease that later took his life. What it can never take away, however, was his story. It was a story of a relentless spirit, who would not waste a day in his life feeling sorry for himself. It was a story that inspired the children whose lives he touched. “We all have an Ali story.” And it was a story that Rano did justice too with his heartfelt read and interpretation. Thank you.


Evaluator’s Comments (Liyana Sidek, CC, CL): Rano made good use of pacing, tempo and pauses. These help bring attention to important parts of the speech and allows the audience time to sink in information.

Table Topics Session (Theme: Money)


Our first speaker Allen Ang, DTM, was tasked with the delivery of a motivational speech to an audience of employees he had not paid for 6 months. Humorous in his delivery, Allen spoke a lot of sense when he asked his employees to remember why they wanted to work for him in the first place. It was to reach for their dreams. Times are tough, yet here they all are, none willing to give up their dreams yet. They will hang on together a while longer. And should they fall, they will fall together. Congratulations on winning Best Table Topic!


Our guest, Boon Kiat, had two things in mind should he receive an extra $1,000 a month. Firstly, he decided to be a good Samaritan and use it to assist those in need. In the hypothetical world where Allen’s business is struggling, he would then step up to help. But, of course, it never hurts to give oneself a little treat as well. For him, the treat would be in the form of his own Mercedes Benz.


If money is no object, TM Haryati would quit her teaching job. Of course, it is not because she is not enjoying life as a teacher. On the contrary, she dreams doing more teaching. She aspires to be like her role model d’Arcy Lunn, and would travel around the world and teach students about global citizenship. All the while, she would be living a simple life, spending under $2 daily.


One thing that our guest, Brady, would not give up for a million dollars would be good memories with his family. When times are tough, it is these memories that kept his family together. It was what drove them to listen, help and encourage one another. Thus, there is nothing the world can offer him to give them up.


For Farhan, CC, ALB, the most enjoyable way to spend $20 would be to get a good book. He grew up reading a lot and was a fan of the Percy Jackson series. He is a lot busier now and regretted not setting aside more time for reading. His recent read, the 5 people you meet in Heaven, reminded him how much a book can make you feel and it is definitely something that he missed.


When asked whether money is a blessing or a curse, Ling Ling started with a wise statement, “you can never have enough”. She confessed to being a hoarder, of wanting the same shirt in different colours if possible. Thus, if she has the money, that would be the most likely scenario. Or, she would simply keep all her money and not spend it, like the true hoarder she is.


If Dalton has to spend one million in a day, he would spend it all on investments. He dreams of helping the younger generation, of creating a free education platform. Through this, he hopes to help with the global economy, even if only a little bit.

Congratulations, TM Heidi Rahman on being the Best Evaluator!



Written By: TM Rahmat Tarsat

Photography By: Gerald Goh, CL

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