1st November 2016 – Moments


As TM Awfa Nawawi took the floor, she commenced the meeting with great zest while inviting a handful of guest for introductions. Shortly after, Awfa smoothly transition the session to first time Toastmasters of the Evening, TM Surmardi Hedus, who elicited positive energy from audiences with a short clapping exercise. He professed the evening’s meeting would not have been possible without the following officer bearers;



TM Dalton Lim as Table Topic Master who will invite volunteers to speak about a moment in their life. Aziman Nasir, CC, ALB as Table Topic Evaluator who will acutely observe impromptu speakers and report on their articulation during the evaluations session. As Grammarian, TM Awfa Nawawi will capture language usage, report on it and encourage speakers to use Word of the Day; propitious, an adjective for giving or indicating a good chance of success; favorable. In addition to that, DTM Genevie’ve Lai will provide a report of language quality and to test our listening skill as AH Counter & Who Said What. “Time equates to life. Master time and you master life”, was the tip given by TM Suneeta Pakhak as Timer & Tip. Amran Jamaluddin, CC will provide an overall feedback of the evening’s session as General Evaluator.


“Don’t limit yourself. What you believe, you can achieve. Let Toastmasters transform your life”, was Surmardi’s provoking Thought of the Day before he started the prepared speech session.


TM Mahani Mohsin initiated her Ice Breaker Speaker, “When I was Young…. I was mini rebel…,” by confessing that her rebellious nature. As a youth, she recollected the thrill of not following conformity till tragedy struck. Despite her father’s protest, she hopped into a car with 4 friends and raced down the highway during the night. At a mere instant she totaled her car at Jalan Kumbang Pasang. Fortunately, passerby brought everyone to the hospital. Although, she escaped unscathed it was uneasy for her to see her friends hospitalized. The experience taught her that front passenger seat is the safest for her kids and professed that short term challenges is not as exciting as long term challenges. A job well done on Mahani’s inaugural speech.



With the use of visual aids, TM Heidi Rahman stressed the importance of “Competition Law”, in her CC8 speech project. She highlighted unscrupulous cartels who, in the past would set high prices on commodities which cornered consumers. In Brunei, brick prices was at its highest when supplies took advantage of ostentatious house designs which requires excessive amount of bricks. Competition law was finally passed to set ceiling prices on goods, making cartel illegal.  Heidi emphasized that competition law helps protect consumer which fostering good market health and economic growth. Enforcement of the law isn’t enough without awareness of 4 key potential cartel activities;

  1. Vendor’s collaboration to fix high prices
  2. Bid rigging for tender
  3. Share market geographically
  4. Supply control to influence prices

Thank you Heidi for instilling our savviness, we are now more vigilant on our purchases.

Shortly after the break, TM Dalton Lim took over as Table Topics Master.


TM Jidun Dollah’s “proudest moment,” was when he spent a day with World Champion of Public Speakering, 2016 Dananjaya Hettiarachchi in Ulu Temburong. “Don’t think, just do,” was the inspirational response to Jidun’s question on what motivated Dananjaya to take up professional dancing on top of his numerous successes.

Our guest, Zaki “overcame his disappointment of his life,” like losing his job by setting clear concise goal and plan for it. He would consult his friends, family and Google which gave him perspectives.

Pooja Shivanand CC, ALB “challenging moment,” was how to make herself productive for the benefit of others as an academic. Like how a rocket scientist, Abdul Khalam, who used light materials from his nuclear missiles to aid young polio victims to walk, Pooja strives to use her gift to help others.


Farhan Jafar Ali, CC, ALB shared his one of his “happiest moment,” was when he experienced cool weather in Japan for the first time during spring. He concluded by sharing everyday could be the happiest day of our lives.

Our guest, Sean’s “most confusing moment,” was during work when he receive tasks without instruction. He had to into his creative bone to learn how to perform his tasks.


As the evening progress, Pooja expressed utmost gratitude for the support and encouragement received during her journey to District Championship in her acceptance speech. She vitalized us to always surround ourselves with positive people on any endeavor we take on.


The night capped off as TM Rahmat Tarsat shared the time she spent with a benevolent leader like Past International President, DTM Muhammed Murad. She expressed how truly inspired she was by his humility and poise, and shared his word of wisdom: “Have courage to be yourself.” Muhammed Murad understood that some may view him with the stereotypes of where he came from. With time and honesty, and more importantly, without the intent, he was able to dissolve them one by one.

As individuals, let us all strive to become and not get dragged into proving our worth.


Written by Gerald Goh, CL

Photography by TM Macalister Mak

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