19th November 2016 – A President in the House

With a good turnout of members and guests, the meeting started off with high energy. Sergeant-at-Arms, TM Awfa, opened the meeting by giving information on Toastmasters. She then led the audience to recite BSC’s mission, followed by guest introductions.

CL Gerald Goh took over the meeting as Toastmaster of the Evening (TME) and introduced his role players. First, Table Topics Master (TTM), TM Macalister Mak, encouraged the audience to take part in Table Topics to improve their impromptu speaking skills. The next role player was CC Derby Teo as Table Topics Evaluator (TTE). Her emphasis was on speakers’ delivery skills which included vocal variety hand gestures and use of floor space. TM Heidi, the Grammarian, decided to focus on the usage of English. The Word of the Day was “bantering” which means to talk in a good humoured or witty and playful way. Then, TM Suneeta Pathak, the Ah Counter, explained why crutch words need to be minimized in one’s speech when she explained her role. CC Tieng Chwei Peng was the General Evaluator whose role was to provide feedback to evaluators and role players. As Timer, TM Najmuddin showed the audience what the lights indicated for speakers and evaluators. TM Najmuddin’s tip on the importance of time management was relatable as he reminded the audience to reflect on why we are always in a rush.

Before moving on to the prepared speeches, CL Gerald Goh delivered the Thought of the Day- “When you are about to give up, think about why you started.”


After CC Aziman Nasir stated the objectives of a CC1, TM Hazman Alim took the stage to deliver his speech entitled, “Getting There”. TM Hazman grabbed the audience with his opening on the people who make things happen, those who watch and those who wonder what happened. TM Hazman demonstrated how he was a combination of all three through telling anecdotes about his dreams, studies and entrepreneurship. His experience selling gadgets, delivering food and opening a store really impressed the audience. He ended his speech with an important message- don’t just wait for things to happen.


According to his evaluator, CC Aziman Nasir, TM Hazman had a clear and audible voice. His speech was also well written and delivered effectively. CC Aziman recommended TM Hazman to improve his posture and make more eye contact. GE CC Peng applauded CC Aziman for pointing out TM Hazman’s strengths and advised him to give recommendations that are appropriate for a CC1.



The second speaker, TM Mahani Mohsin shared her experience travelling around the world and tasting her favourite dish, fish and chips. TM Mahani took us on a journey from UK streets to spring in Belgium and tantalized our taste buds with stories of greasy chips and hot salsa. She ended her speech relating her love for fish and chips with her marriage. It’s like falling in love many times but always with the same person.


TM Dalton Lim found Mahani’s speech clear, vivid with a humorous ending. He also loved how simple the topic was. TM Dalton recommended TM Mahani to add a take away message for the audience. The GE praised TM Dalton for giving an encouraging evaluation as well as pointing out specific examples.


TM Kelvin delivered his CC4, “Fried Rice”. In his speech, TM Kelvin talked about how he avoided the kitchen due to his fear of fire, water, knife and electricity.  So, for 1 ½ years, he cooked all his food in a rice cooker until he had a craving for fried rice. The audience was engrossed listening to TM Kelvin’s experience cooking in a restaurant and how he overcame his fear. He left his job with more confidence and even learnt to cook fried rice. At the end of his speech, he told the audience not to let your fears hold you back.


According to his evaluator, TM Hayati Kamis, TM Kelvin fulfilled all the objectives. On top of being funny, TM Kelvin used many alliterations and repetitions. TM Kelvin also reminded the audience the four fears throughout his speech. She recommended TM Kelvin to move more in order to connect with the audience and trim his speech. GE CC Peng pointed out how helpful TM Hayati Kamis was when she showed how TM Kelvin could make use of the space.



The theme for Table Topics was “Time”. CC Nabil Kadir was asked if he would tell anybody that he had seen into the future. CC Nabil delighted the audience with his insight and on spot mimicry of a new president. Returning guest, Safarul, advised the audience to be honest with their date instead of giving an excuse. TM Mei Ann described the greatest time of her life when she went to Japan. She loves Japanese culture and language on top of manga and anime. TM Ong Yin told the audience her favourite time of the year. She loves school holidays because it is time for her to unwind. She also loves the beginning of the school year which she feels is like a new adventure. TM Alice would love to have less time when dealing with a difficult colleague but wants more time with her friend. CC Reuben Chin believes time is important every time and one should stop looking into the past.


CC Derby Teo evaluated each speaker. CC Nabil was very engaging and funny. She advised Safarul to work up some drama with his voice to put more emotion in his story. CC Derby found TM Mei Ann’s speech structured and recommended her to add more description. TM Ong Yin had excellent pacing and needed to use lesser hand movements. TM Alice had a clear voice and bright smile. CC Derby praised CC Reuben’s facial expression congruent to his speech.


The winner of Best Table Topics was CC Reuben Chin.

In the evaluation session, TM Heidi praised the speakers’ use of rhetorical devices such as rule of three, idioms, metaphors and analogy. She also demonstrated why the rhetorical devices worked. GE CC Peng applauded TM Heidi for her structured evaluation.

TM Suneeta gave a detailed evaluation on the use of crutch words. She demonstrated how ‘so’, ‘anyways’ and ‘okay’ can become crutch words when used in the beginning of sentences without connection. She also described how inhaling can help reduce crutch words. CC Peng congratulated TM Suneeta for delivering a detailed evaluation.

CC Peng commended TME for keeping the energy up throughout the meeting and TM Macalister for a balanced choice of topics.

The Timer reported that the meeting went as scheduled and gave a detailed breakdown.

Before the meeting ended, CL Jordan Yau invited guests for comments. Edie, a returning guest, found the feedback given during evaluation helpful while Phyllis was impressed.


TM Hayati Kamis was awarded Best Evaluator.

In his closing remarks, CL Jordan Yau loved to see new guests to share knowledge and experience.

Written By: TM Haryati Abd Gafur

Photography By: Farhan Jafar Ali, CC, ALB

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