18th October 2016 – Make history. Be the difference.


Prepared Speech Session

With a passionate sharing of, The Nightengale, Suneeta enthralled us with her vocal variety speech. It was World War II, Germany had invaded France and the people of France lived with terror and horror daily. Any form of disobedience towards the occupying German forces would mean certain death. Despite the risk of death, Isabelle believed, defied all logic and fought the Germans in her own way. She trudged through rough terrains on the mountains, through piercing ice could winds and rain, back and forth again and again rescuing downed allied pilots. She guided them to safety into Spain, away from the occupying Nazi forces. We felt the lows and the highs of Isabelle’s endurance, fighting spirit, and perseverance through Suneeta’s voice. She shared a powerful story of what a woman could achieve despite all odds against her. We enjoyed your Competent Communication 6 speech, Suneeta!


MOOC! massive online open course. Dalton authoritatively convinced us to better ourselves. Opportunities to do so abound. We live in a fiercely competitive world. People equip themselves with an education to compete and thrive professionally. Even with higher education, people get further education to give themselves that competitive edge. The opportunities to better ourselves lie with further education through easily accessible online courses. World class education and professional institutions provide first class education through MOOCs, massive online open courses. Access to skills and knowledge to drive us forward in our professional careers is at our fingertips, only a website away. An enlightening and well-researched speech. After his Competent Communication 7 speech, we all now are much more aware of how easily accessible online courses are and we know the steps we can easily take to gain valuable skills and knowledge to help us progress professionally. Thanks, Dalton!


Table Topic Session

The table topic session started as TM Donna took the stage to share her one wish to make a difference. World peace being too cliché, she wished instead for everyone to be mindful of others’ feelings when sharing personal views. She furthered revealed that she always enjoys reading up articles online, and expressed displeasure of reading discourteous comments that follows from misinformed readers. She advised all to always step back and think before posting anything regretful online.


How do you make one person smile and make a difference? Being introverted, TM Macalister spent most of his younger years cooped up in his room playing video games. The lack of human interaction that he had made think that he wouldn’t be able to make anyone smile. However, when his cousins came to visit, they ended up having fun playing video games together. Through sharing experiences and communication, he was able to bring a smile on his cousin’s face.


When asked what difference she has made this year, our guest, Ziana, explained how she managed to open up opportunities for more varied work attachments for students in her institute. It was through her sheer dedication as the Public Relations Officer that she contacted with different industries in Brunei. Although still adapting to the new environment, she was full of hope for more future collaboration that would benefit students.


Another guest, Safarul, described how having superpowers of understanding another’s feelings would help make a huge difference in the world. If only we know what support people need, we would be able to provide them at crucial times.


You care too much of others, you eat yourself. You care less, you are seen as thinking only for yourself. Our guest, Lily, struggled with this dilemma growing up. With time, she learnt that ultimately the choice is in her hands. And, if she wanted to make a difference, she has to be the difference.


Will you make more of a difference being a farmer or a doctor? It never crossed the minds of ‘Bandar’ girl, Ruey, ACS, ALB, be a farmer. Simply because she never knew how to farm. She did, however, once volunteered to work in a hospital. It was not something that she could cope with. Not because of the workload, nor was it the blood. “I cannot not feel”, Ruey confessed. It was a struggle for her to delineate herself as a helper and to see patients as only patients. As of now, she hopes to make a difference by offering to be present where people need someone to listen.


Award Recipient

Best Table Topic Speaker: Ruey Chong Narcis, ACS, ALB.


Best Evaluator: Aziman Nasir, CC


Written By:

Hazwan Kamarulzaman, ACB, ALB/TM Rahmat Tarsat

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