30th August 2016 – Learn, Teach, Grow

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Rahul Breh, CC showing TM Nabil Kadir how to put on a tie

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Despite the heavy downpour, we received a good turnout of members and guests from near and far. After settling in, TM Awfa Nawawi, the Sergeant-at-Arms (SAA), graced the floor to greet attendees with her signature smile and delivered her opening remarks. Upon receiving the floor from Awfa, our humble Toastmaster of the Evening, TM Jidun Dollah, warmed us up with his suave introduction of the evening’s office bearers.

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Grammarian – TM Haryati Gafur

Word of the Day – Omniscient

  • An adjective for knowing everything which is synonymous with all-knowing, all-seeing, all-wise.

Rhetorical device – Dialogismus

  • Speaking as someone else, either to bring in others’ points of view into one’s own speech, or to conduct a pseudo-dialog through taking up an opposing position with oneself.
  • Ah Counter & ‘Who Said What?’ – Hazwan Kamarulzaman, ACB, ALB.
  • Timer & Tip – Derby Teo, CC.

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Tip of the Day; the next time when we’re about to say/think “I’m too busy”, say “it’s not a priority”; Focus on finding out if those things are of paramount importance to us.

  • General Evaluator – Aziman Nasir, CC

With the club’s Humorous Speech and Evaluation contests around corner, Jidun shared his thoughts on it, “I’ve always thought winning contests matter. However, as time goes by, it’s more about becoming the best of ourselves, and working on becoming an omniscient speaker.” He went on encouraging us to invest in ourselves by joining the contest to sprout as a Toastmaster.

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To help us prepare better for the evaluation contest, we were honored to have Geneviéve Lai, DTM, our past President, past Area Governor, and frequent speech judge to conduct a workshop on the dos and don’ts.

She first explained the purpose of the evaluation;

  • Train evaluators to use their word to deliver an evaluation while communicating their critical thinking in a succinct, positive and constructive manner.

Why join the contest?

  • To help future speakers to grow and achieve his/her goals which in return also helps with the evaluator’s own growth.

Before the contest, review;

  • Speech objectives
  • Evaluation guidelines
  • Practice vocabulary and note taking skills
  • Practice listening to evaluators

Shortly before the contest;

  • Dress well for confidence
  • Arrive early to be familiarized with the environment and practice vocal projection
  • Breathe and take time to dispel nervousness

During the speech;

  • Start by writing the speaker’s name on paper
  • Focus on the speech and not the person
  • Watch out for something special and pay attention to details
  • Identify your own style of critical thinking
  • Give the speaker undivided attention
  • Identify the main idea of speech
  • Take notes

After the Speech;

  • Maintain focus
  • Organize your thoughts

The template suggested by Genevieve is as follows:


Note: Great evaluation comes from solid speech evaluation framework.

  • Prepare a mini speech
  • Sandwich “motivational comments”
  • Visualize delivery

When delivering an evaluation

  • Walk towards the stage with confidence
  • Use positive words and comments
  • Select recommendations wisely
  • Pace yourself
  • Locate where the speaker is seated and give attention
  • Be mindful of time
  • Offer suggestion for improvement
  • Summarize positive comments
  • Sandwich “motivational comments”
  • Present with care


  • Rehash a speech
  • Use an authoritative tone
  • Use sentences like “You should/You must”, “I need you to/I want you to”

After a short recess, the evening’s Table Topic Master gave us a point to ponder, dreams.

  • Can dreams predict the future?

“Dreams may not affect our future, but it does affect our mood the following day.” Farhan JafarAli, CC, ALB

20160830 BSC-8

  • What are your 3 wishes?

“I wouldn’t wish to fly or I’ll suffer from heart attack. I wouldn’t wish for a lot of money since it would be granted by a genie. I wouldn’t wish for super power for fear of being used as a weapon. However, I would go for traditional and conventional wish like world peace, good health for everyone, and staying happy.” TM Supatra Lee

  • What in your life would you wish not to change?

“Raising my son while studying ACCA in Scotland. Though my grades were affected, I got my masters eventually.” Guest Muhani

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  • What was you strangest dream?

“As a child, I dreamt of being a CEO of company of which I did not know what the role entails. But dreams are guiding lights that move us to a certain direction.” Rahul Breh, CC

20160830 BSC-18

Congratulations to Rahul Breh, CC for wining Best Table Topics

  • Have you had a dream come true?

“As a social butterfly, I had obstacles getting to class till one day my dad rang me up and said that I had to step up. I came home one day and dreamt that I completed my education. So I fueled my determination to complete my studies by cutting off a few friends, graduated and made my parents proud.

20160830 BSC-eval

20160830 BSC-guest

During AOB (any other business), Rahmat excitedly extend her invitation to all members as meeting recap writers. She highlighted the benefits of writing meeting recaps –  to improve on listening skills and note taking skills, and at the same time, it contributes to the Competent Leadership Manual.

20160830 BSC-22

Congratulations to Rano Iskandar, CC, CL for winning Best Evaluator

During his presidential closing remarks, Jordan Yau, CL emphasized that evaluation is the keystone in Toastmaster as it offers members a learning opportunity to give and receive feedback. This is because the core of all evaluations is to motivate speakers and to help them grow in their journey as a Toastmaster.

It was an evening of education from an accomplished Toastmaster like Geneviéve to impart her wisdom 2 weeks before the contest and it was an absolute tease for us when Rahmat scintillated our minds with her dreamy topics that we, at one point, thought of.

Written by;
Gerald Goh, CL

Photography by;
TM Macalister Mak

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