On the 9th of August, the breeze of the night welcomed Sergeant at Arm’s Oreo brownies while we the Brunei Speaker’s Club extended our hands to a guest speaker followed by her entourage of fellow supporters.

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Our toastmaster of the Evening, our very own treasurer, TM Aziman Nasir, made his presence known with his quirky ways as he showed off his splendid team of role players.

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  • Table Topics Master – TM Syatrah Roslan, themed her topics around a relatable topic of memories

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  • Table Topics Evaluator – TM Haryati Ghafur, who bravely took an evaluation role for the first time

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  • Grammarian – TM Supatra Lee, who expertly carried the board stand to center stage to announce her role

Word of the day

Excogitate vb (tr)

  1. to devise, invent, or contrive
  2. to think out in detail

Rhetorical Device


  • consists of raising one or more questions and then proceeding to answer them.

  • used commonly to ask questions at the beginning of a paragraph and then to use that specific paragraph to answer.

  • hypophora to raise questions which you think the reader obviously has on his mind and would like to see formulated and answered.

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  • Ah Counter & ‘Who Said What?’– Derby Teo, CC, who more than once mentioned this club to be as fine as caviar, submerged in and commanded her role by giving note that she will give her feedback as Ah Counter at the end of her evaluation as she believes the important things should be given at the end.
  • Timer & Tip– Jordan Yau, CL, who used grammarian’s bait on word of the day and seized it, adding on grammarian’s chosen rhetorical device for his tip of the day;

“What do I do for my first thing of my mornings? I take my time to excogitate and think about what I shall do for the rest of the day. From the people I have to see to all the places I need to be; this helps me collect my mind and make sure I run as smoothly and efficiently as possible”

  • General Evaluator– Amran Jamaluddin, CC, claimed our hearts as our Superman every Tuesday evening as he safely read what his role is to avoid confusion and provide understanding to our many first time guests.

The meeting was like the orea cookies brought in, full of tasty bits, but the main course of the evening was the invited speaker from the Institute of Engineering Technology. Before advancing to her speech, TM Aziman Nasir with his ever bold and likeable presence shared his thought of the day;

“Within the four-walls of Tuesday meetings; as blunt and bold of me to say, I’m known as handsome. It takes confidence, courage to be comfortable about it. That way, we can deliver our message without having any hesitation with a better effective communication”

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Ayesha Salleh’s speech on Synthetic Blood will be presented in Australia for Present Around The World Global Presentation. Her speech took us all in an in-depth look into the inner workings of our blood. In her speech, she explained ways to expose the future of blood condition treatments with the manufacture of blood by three-dimensional (3-D) bioreactors, as well as the economic considerations of artificially-produced blood. The reason:-

  • blood plays an important role in the delivery chain for one of our most important resources, oxygen.
  • Blood complications can be fatal.
  • When it comes to treating blood conditions, these transfusions carry high risk factors such as blood rejection (can lead to deteriorating patients’ condition)
  • Solution; to generate new blood, matched to the patient as if it was their own,
  • Eliminating compatibility risks and further complications.

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After the break, the Table Topics Master, TM Syatrah Roslan, with the theme memories in mind, gave her ever present smile as she asks speakers to describe a specific moment in their lives.

  • Worst Gift

Rahul Breh

Taking no time at all, he launched with the statement “In the past 20-25 years, I never receiver gifts. Worst gift receive should not have been in my first 20-25 years of my life. It must have been in the last 6 years” When pondering on the worst gift given, he shook away the negativity of worst gifts and said “All gifts is always good, if anyone has gestures of giving you something; good or bad, right or wrong. It’s always something they put an intention to you and that intention is gold and good” I always say; as the saying goes, ‘It’s the thought that counts’

In Rahul’s point of view, a gift shouldn’t be classified into good, bad or worst gifts. However, a gift is when you value the time someone thinks and puts the effort on what to give even if it’s just a piece of paper.

  • Best Compliments

Nabil Kadir

‘Your cute’ was the statement that made the audience giggle in their seats as Nabil bashfully waved it off  with a shy laugh that brought flames to his cheeks. It all started in Grade 8 when facebook was all the rage. Having that familiar fb notification sound *ping* brought to a chat with a girl who’s first word was a compliment on how cute he is. His immediate reaction was a puzzled “this girl has a crush on…me?”

  • Best Surprise

Dalton Lim

It took a whole lot of time to kick off his topic and it made the audience ponder, smile and giggle with him as he gave an embarrassed laugh and had what Nabil had – flamed cheeks. Back in high school a game of dare conveniently took place while Dalton played basketball. As Dalton held on his basketball, a girl who came from the game of dares gave him something he still describes as his best surprise; a spontaneous kiss.

  • Biggest Blunder

Mei Ann

“Regret I have a few but too few to mention” is what Mei Ann quoted from Frank Sinatra. From there, she recalled many blunders but none that became memorable or damaging her self-esteem. However, a recent blunder is recalled where she has forgotten to respond to a relatives whatsapp message resulting in him leaving a family group chat. However, after apologizing to her relative, she had made the same mistake to a seasoned Toastmaster, Shawn Narcis – not replying to his Instagram photo of coconut pudding.

  • Happiest Moments

Cheung Sun

He shared with the audience a happy moment among many other moments in his life that also deserve the title; happiest moments. Born and bred in Brunei, he tried his luck on applying to universities outside of Brunei giving reason of ‘Why not?’

Is there any reason not to try? To see what your safety net is, to watch for what is comfortable, to reach for something that makes you happy; a goal, an ambition. Thriving with his drive and ability to think for himself and withstanding grueling interviews on his ability and knowledge. He can safely say he made it to one of his happiest moments of his life – further studies in Cambridge University.

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Our guest who admittedly came just to support the evening’s speaker, Ayesha, surprised us all with his confidence and well organized speech on Happiest Moments. It was a delight to the ears when the time came for announcement of best table topics speaker and mandatory drum rolls dramatically came to a halt as Cheung Sun’s name was announced – congratulations to the winner who captured the audience’s votes. Well Done Cheung Sun and hope to see him back collecting more happy moments!

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After a downtown trip to memory lane, we took a train ticket through the evaluations.

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Derby Teo, CC, won Best Evaluator Ribbon for the evening by going up and beyond our expectations when she guided our eyes to the board stand to her Chart for her Ah Counter Report. In addition, a set of questions that tested audiences listening skills in her Who Said What session, I believe her performance tonight deserved more than just fine dining caviars but a well-deserved ribbon to go along with it.

Derby Teo’s Chart of Ah’s:

  1. Buffer

Um, Uh, Ah

These filler words come when we’re not really sure what to say as your train of thought is still loading or ‘buffering’

  1. Transitions

So, Now, Anddd

Only crutch words when used excessively

  1. Confirmation

Yeah, Ok? Alright

Often used by teachers and mentors so that they know the audience is still on the same track as them.

The night came to an end as it was time to say our farewells as our mind pocketed excogitated thoughts to go through with an added thought as the President, Jordan Yau, CL, gave his closing remark believing Toastmaster’s occurring continuously for 24 hours and not only happening in a day.

“Being in Toastmaster’s isn’t just a 2hr performance, it’s a lifestyle”

Written By:

TM Awfa Nawawi

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