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20160726 BSC-13

Superman returns as acting SAA!

Our super meeting started as soon as ‘Superman’ Amran Jamaluddin, CC, took the stage as Acting Sergeant-at-Arms (SAA), coming in to our rescue when a dear comrade could not make the meeting. Small in number the audience may be this week, yet the cheers and drive remained stupendously high.

20160726 BSC-2

President and Toastmaster of the Evening.

Our President, Jordan Yau, CL, took the role of Toastmaster of the Evening and introduced his office bearers of the evening.


  • Grammarian – Gerald Goh, CL.
    • Word of the Day: myriad.

It is a word which describes very great or indefinitely great number of persons or things.

  • Rhetorical Device: simile.

Draws comparison with the use of words ‘like’ or ‘as’, for example, cute as a kitten.

  • Ah Counter & ‘Who Said What?’ – Amran Jamaluddin, CC.
  • Timer & Tip – TM Dalton Lim.

Tip of the Day: Time waits for no one. Do not wait for a feeling to come before working on what you intend to.

  • General Evaluator – Khoo Yi Fung, ACS.
20160726 BSC-eval_Collage

Role players and evaluators of the evening.

20160726 BSC-12

As we were moving to the Prepared Speech segment, Jordan contemplated the origin of confidence. He believed that its birthplace is not from knowing what is right to do, but through not fearing what may be wrong. ‘Fake it until you make it’ was the Thought of the Day, and life advice, he dispensed.

20160726 BSC-3

With the sweetest smile, TM Mei Ann urges all to ‘murder’.

TM Mei Ann Lim’s CC5 ‘Your Body Speaks’ Project title of ‘Murder Your Darlings’ raised some eyebrows and a few heartbeat rates. But the speech was not as grim as the title implied! She addressed a dilemma shared by all members when writing for a CC project: editing out speech lines to improve a speech, when lots of precious thought and time were put into it. Of course, we would be highly reluctant to hit backspace on our favourite lines, as we egoistically deny the very little impact it added towards achieving the purpose of our speech.  However, to become better speakers, we need to train to be better content creator. And that would mean eliminating ineffective points. At the end of her speech, Mei Ann left us with a couple of questions to ask ourselves when drafting speeches.


Does your speech idea have any value?

Does the speech line carry your message effectively?


If not, murder your darlings!

20160726 BSC-7

With that, TM Mei Ann is half way through her CC!

Evaluator’s comments: Open and positive body language postures, such as a warm smile and open palms, allows for connection between the speaker and the audience. An emotionally engaged audience is more open to listen in and consider your point of view – TM Tieng Chwei Peng.

20160726 BSC-4

TM Aziman gets deep and personal.

For his CC10 “Inspire Your Audience” Project, TM Aziman Nasir urged the audience to wonder “Where Your Heart Lies”.  He thought back to his past speech projects and noticed a trend. His topics were always either in the genre of online shopping, exercise or his profession – what he is most passionate about. For each, he shared moments of great grief, from missing out on bargains online, to struggling with routines in freelethics and spinning, to rejected proposals. These personal failures, however, never dissuaded him from another purchase, another session,  another project. Why?


That is where his heart lies.  Aziman quoted Steve Jobs when he said, ‘to do a successful job, you need to love it truly’. Aziman has found what he would put his heart to. He encouraged all to keep searching for what they love, and when found, to never give up on it!


Evaluator’s comments: Clever use of humour throughout your speech can keep the audience hooked! – Hazwan Kamarulzaman, ACB, ALB.

20160726 BSC-10

Pooja, CC, CL, best mentee, best mentor!

After a short break, we had the pleasure of sitting through Pooja Shivanand, CC, CL, ‘Successful Club Series’ Presentation on ‘Mentoring’.  Although skeptical at first, Pooja found being the mentee of Stuart Lee, ACB, CL, a gratifying experience. Stuart guided her to focus on personal growth rather than blindly chasing Toastmasters titles. As such, he constantly reminded her of her main aim in joining the club, that is to learn and improve. He also challenged her to deliver speeches on topics she initially disapprove, ultimately pushing her out of her comfort zone to better develop her skills.  Pooja advised all mentees to practise a similar gratitude and respect to their mentors. After all, mentors spend valuable time to help their mentees, without expecting much in return.


Pooja also encouraged members to take the opportunity to become a mentor. Being a mentor herself, she advised current mentors and those aspiring to appreciate every mentee’s individual strengths and to never make themselves a mold for their mentee to shape themselves. Every member should be steered to walk their own unique path. As you teach your mentee, your knowledge too will increase. She likened the experience to lighting candles – the more candles you light, the brighter the room gets!


She reminded all the finite reality of mentor-mentee relationships. Eventually, mentees would need to learn to be independent and to fend for themselves. At the end of the relationship, however, is the birth of a new one. Now, mentor and mentee will stand side by side as equals, and they will continue to grow and learn together in the club as fellow members.

20160726 BSC-9

Congratulations to our Best Evaluator for the evening, TM Peng!

The Best Evaluator of the evening was TM Tieng Chwei Peng, with her very critical and demonstrative evaluation of TM Mei Ann’s speech. Congratulations, Peng!


For his closing remarks, the President, Jordan Yau, CL, commented on the importance of attending meetings when not doing roles or speeches. Of course, speakers would benefit from having a full audience to practice delivering a speech to. As an audience member, there will always be new things to learn from listening and observing others perform. Jordan thanked all in attendance for their support in each speaker’s journey of self-development.


Let us all continue to help one another grow.

Written by:

TM Rahmat Tarsat

Photography by:

TM Nabil Kadir

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