And the new term starts!

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Introducing our Sergeant-at-Arms for the new term, TM Awfa!

With the start of a new Toastmaster term, our new Sergeant at Arms (SAA) TM Awfa Nawawi opened the meeting with an introduction of Toastmaster’s International and introductions of guests.

All roles players of the night were the current and past Executive Committee members from the Brunei Speakers’ Club and UBD Toastmasters Club. The Toastmaster of the Evening (TME) TM Gerald Goh kept the meeting energy high throughout the whole meeting.

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TM Gerald, our host and newly elected Vice President of Education, hungry for growth!

His thought of the day was:

“If you are starving, don’t wait to be fed. If you are hungry, don’t be shy to get your plate filled.”

TM Jack Chin

TM Jack Chin traveled all the way from UBD Toastmasters Club to teach us a thing or two about grammar.

The first word we learned this term from our Grammarian, TM Jack Chin was Kvell which means to be extraordinarily proud.

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TM Aziman pleads all to keep asking.

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Rano, CC, CL, tip as a timer: ‘go with the flow!’

For prepared speeches, we had one prepared speech by TM Aziman Nasir: Competent Communicator Project 10 (CC10) by which he has to inspire his audience. In his speech entitled ‘The Future’, Aziman talked about the current issues in Brunei such as unemployment and rising crime rates. He believes that if people become more aware of this problem, they would start changing now so that our children can have a bright and prosperous future. At the end, he quoted President J.F Kennedy, “Ask not what can your country do for you, but what you can do for you country.”

After the break, we had the Table Topics Session lead by our Table Topics Master, TM Rahmat Tarsat with the theme “Life Stories”.

20160705 BSC-TT_Collage

Toastmasters and guests sharing their life stories.

Our first Table Topic Speaker was Farhan Jafar Ali, CC, CL with the topic “What is the best piece of advice you ever received”. According to Farhan, the best advice is to “Keep doing what you do” because whenever we feel down, we just have to take a step back, relax, and remember what we always do, then we can persevere.

Our second Table Topic Speaker was our guest Jeera with the topic “What did you think you were going to be when you grow up”. Jeera shared how she was highly skilled in statistics since she was in Sixth Form and how she was highly encouraged to pursue it as a major when she applied at University Brunei Darussalam (UBD). After she joined the course, she realized that statistics was not her true passion even though she was the top of her class. Today, she is a writer and a blogger and still does not know what she wants.

TM Dalton Lim was the third speaker and was given the topic “What is the most unbelievable thing that happened to you”. Dalton explained how he recently go into a relationship with someone from Singapore and after two month of dating her, her parents asked him if he was going to marry her. Shocked at the question, he told them that it is not yet the right time for him as he is still studying and doesn’t have a steady income.

Our fourth Table Topic Speaker was our guest Izzie with the topic “What is the most out of character thing you have done”. Izzie first explained how he didn’t know what character he is categorised into because during the personality test conducted in school, he received similar marks on all categories. However, there was one thing he knew that he would not likely do which was that he lost his patience and had an outburst of anger in public due to two other drivers that were causing traffic congestion.

Our fifth Table Topic Speaker was our newest member TM Mardi which the topic “What is the craziest thing you were asked to do”. Mordi has a fear of heights and when he was in Malaysia with a few of his friends, they decided to go bungee jumping. Mordi explained how he had the courage to get into all the harnesses but did not dare to go first. He waited and watched as everyone jumped before it was his turn. He stepped at the edge, closed his eyes, took a deep breath and just stepped off. The best part for him was when it settled and he was brought back to solid land.

Our last Table Topic Speaker was TM Mei Ann with the topic “What is the strangest compliment you ever received”. She told everyone how a little girl suddenly walked up and sat next to her and told her that she was very pretty. Mei Ann didn’t know what to say because the girl was staring at her with a grin suggesting that the girl wanted to be entertained. In the end, Mei Ann decided to not address the compliment but engage in small talk with the girl.

After the Table Topics session was the Evaluation session. Here are the key lessons from tonight’s meeting:

  1. Having a clear objective and well researched content in a speech is excellent, but remember to also work on the delivery of the speech to make it more impactful.
  2. For table topics, take some time before answering a table topic question so that you can have a clear structure and proper content for your speech.

Overall the meeting was kept in high energy even though there were a few mishaps. However, if we all remember the mission of a Toastmaster’s club and always act upon it, the meeting will always be pleasant for members and guests alike.

20160705 BSC-13

TM Dalton’s unbelievable story won him a ribbon!

For tonight’s Best Table Speaker goes to TM Dalton Lim and the Best Evaluator goes to Elizabeth Sim, ACB, ALB.

20160705 BSC-19

A well-deserved for our Best Evaluator, Liz, ACB, ALB!

20160705 BSC-eval_Collage

Evaluators, helping us all to learn and grow.

Wondered what keeps our guests coming back every week? Here is what they said:

  1. I love the positive and supportive environment
  2. I usually just tag along with my wife but now I am trying to convince her to join so that we may learn more.
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Returning guests continue to feel welcome in our club!

Written By: TM Macalister Mak

Photography By: TM Dalton Lim

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