10th May 2016 – Take an interest

TM Dalton Lim as our extraordinary Toastmaster of the Evening

TM Dalton Lim as our extraordinary Toastmaster of the Evening

Ever felt confused or unable to understand clearly? Well a good word to describe that is PERPLEXED. We not only learned how to describe our confusion from our grammarian, DTM Genevieve Lai, we also learned ‘superlatives’ which are words used to describe something to the highest degree. For example, “We should look at the big picture.”


The attendees for the evening’s meeting

The timer for the evening, Farhan Jafar Ali, CC, CL, shared how the timer is not in control of the speaker but the speaker is responsible of when they leave the stage. The timer is there to inform the speaker of their speaking time.

Our forever charming TME, TM Dalton Lim, shared his thought of the day which is to not drive recklessly even if you are in a hurry. Our other role players which include our first-time table topics evaluator, TM Peng, who gave excellent recommendations; meanwhile  Rano Iskandar, CC, CL, noted down our crutch words and gave increasingly difficult ‘who said what’ questions.

There were two prepared speakers for the evening which were TM Faiz Zailani and TM Tatiana Maerova.

TM Faiz sharing his thoughts in his CC3 speech project

TM Faiz Zailani sharing his thoughts for CC3 speech project

TM Faiz talked about the rising concern of students not thinking enough about their future as they are solely focused on passing their exams. He explained how this was one of the causes of unemployment but all is not lost. TM Faiz described a few steps we could take to overcome this hurdle:

  1. Give the students information about all the available jobs so they may choose which they job interests them.
  2. Allow the students to attend attachments as this allows students to experience their future career choices. In the case any student feels as if that is not the career for them, then they could choose another and have other work experience.

TM Faiz hopes that this would help many students in the future as it allows them to become great people. He quoted: “Brunei is great, it’s citizens even more so. So let them be great.”

TM Tatiana Maerova changing our perceptions of owning pets

TM Tatiana Maerova changing our perceptions of owning pets

TM Tatiana shared her growing concerns for domesticated animals such as dogs and cats as more are being abandoned, poisoned or abused. She explained how this problem is due to three factors:

  1. We are very possessive and this overcomes our compassion which leads to the abuse of our possessions. However there is a flip side which are people who give things away or adopt animals and care for them. This is what we should do.
  2. The differences between Nature and Nurture. These animals are born to find their own food in the wild, but as owners we tend to neglect their nutrition. If we are to nurture them to as domesticated pets. We have the responsibility to take care of their health.
  3. Education of the younger generation. We should educate our children to respect animals; protect the weak; take care of the weak and if you can’t, then don’t harm the weak.

TM Tatiana concluded with a quote from a German poet “Let us be human, stay human and be responsible.”

TM Awfa Nawawi, the evening's Topicmaster, giving a topic to TM Mei Ann

TM Awfa Nawawi, the evening’s Topicmaster, giving a topic to TM Mei Ann

Other than very inspirational speeches, there were very thought provoking table topic question given by our Table Topics Master, TM Awfa Nawawi.


Our Table Topic Speakers for the night:

  1. TM Mei Ann was given “What advice would you tell your younger self at any part in time”. The only advice she would give would to tell her younger self is that you are going to be ok.
  2. TM Nina Kifrawi was given “If you could go back in time, what event you would change under the condition you couldn’t send yourself”. She decided to go back to her graduation day at UTB (called ITB back then) to stop herself from wearing high heels so that she wouldn’t trip as she walk up to receive her certificate.
  3. Guest speaker Kendrick was given “If you were given a reset in life, what would you do differently”. Kendrick said that he wouldn’t change much about himself as he is enjoying his life. The only thing he would change is to be more composed and able to think rationally.
  4. TM Maudena Hamid was given “Will it be better to know the future or let it be unknown?” Maudena explained how she is a very adventurous person. Thus knowing the future would remove the fun on living in the moment.


Our best table topic speaker for the night was TM Mei Ann.


Our best evaluator for the night was CC, CL Rano Iskandar.

Pooja Shivanand, CC, CL receiving her CL pin

Pooja Shivanand, CC, CL receiving her CL pin

Pooja Shivanand CC, CL delivering her evaluation

Pooja Shivanand CC, CL delivering her evaluation


Our guesting sharing his comments on the meeting


Written by;
TM Macalister Mak

Photography by;
Rano Iskandar, CC, CL

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