April 2016 – Dalton Lim

Dalton is one of BSC’s youngest members who looks at the world with a curious mind and faces it with a daring heart. He is currently a second year student at Universiti Teknologi Brunei, majoring in BSc Internet Computing. A cheerful character who loves everything about technology and entrepreneurship, Dalton is a passionate basketball player outside of school. At a young age, Dalton has travelled across many countries and participated in various exchange programs and conferences. Talk to him and be impressed!


TM Dalton Lim wow-ing the crowd during BSC Table Topics Contest 2016.

How did you first hear about Toastmasters?

Initially, I learned about Toastmasters while reading internet articles from Forbes and Business Insider. I became interested because someday I know I will have to pitch an idea to community or investors. I joined a toastmaster meeting once back in 2010 as a guest.

Why did you join Toastmasters?

I see this organization as a platform where members want to grow and learn together. In an organization, different people experience different kinds of growth, and my kind of growth is finding myself as a better communicator, meeting different people, and learning how to overcome challenges in life. Some challenges include time management as well as delegation of task in Toastmasters.


Dalton giving a speech about mentor-mentee relationship, in the presence of his mentor, Shawn Narcis.

How long have you been in Toastmasters and how have Toastmasters helped you so far in your professional life?

It’s been 1 year and 6 months. I see a huge improvement in myself officially since Nov 2015, when Shawn took over as my mentor, and shared his experience and journey as a person. I see myself developing in a much better way. Particularly, I find myself being able to write a congruent report when I do my assignments, or a structured set of codes when I program. I find myself having a clearer mind with what I am doing.

As a brave and motivated person, last year, you went to Singapore without any prior internship arrangement, and managed to secure one eventually. Tell us what you have learned from that experience.

My motivation was driven by this mindset: “Do not stay in Brunei during summer holiday and do nothing”. I want to be able to work in Singapore in the future. Therefore, I ventured out to Singapore for internship. Based on my internship experience, I learned about planning and risk decision-making. It was not an easy thing because it was a self-funded trip and no one could help me. I was rejected a lot of times and it’s part of life where I accept it and move on. Today, what I learned from that internship is that once I have made a decision, I have to believe in that decision and stay firm with it. Also, I learned to say “No” when I can’t do it at all.


Dalton with Mohammed Qahtani, 2015 World Champion of Public Speaking at Bali Conference.

Share with us about your passion for technology and entrepreneurship.

I would say this is in my family genes. I love to read about how technology works, especially, electrical appliances when I was young. I was so intrigued by how a remote control works that I dismantled it. I even told my mom that I wanted to make a TV remote controller that can work for all TV, which I did with a few electrical components such as diode, resistor, momentary push-button switch, printed circuit board and so on. Then I needed to program the TV remote controller to make it work. I am now looking forward if I can expand the function of this remote controller to become a multipurpose remote controller for turning on fan, TV or heater. Hopefully, it will be a project soon.

The most important lesson in entrepreneurship is fail fast and move on quickly. If you know that you have failed, you can’t just ponder about what has gone wrong; just move on and start over again. Along the way, you might even see where you have gone wrong again. That’s the most important lesson I find in entrepreneurship.


Curious Dalton. Curious.

A few months ago, you decided to reattempt your Competent Communication Projects. What inspired you to do so?

I know that the values of toastmaster are important; definitely, the integrity of doing my speech. I was upset with myself whenever I didn’t do well on my manual projects. Evaluator may say proceed with the next project but this way I am not respecting the manual itself because I didn’t give my best effort (excellence) to my project. Therefore , I don’t want others to see that I take my manual lightly and in the future , if I have a mentee , it’s my service to provide them what I’ve learned so that I can help them too. If I keep moving forward without learning the objectives and values of the project, I will not be able to help others and worse of all, learn nothing.


Keen on travelling and meeting people, Dalton attended TLI training in KK with fellow Exco members.

Who is your inspiration in life and why?

Currently, Satya Nadella, a low-key and humble person who had served under both Steve Ballmer and Bill Gates before! He was not a top student in his class but a good student. He has a deep thirst for knowledge. This is why he inspires me a lot! The greatest inspiration of him for me is seeing him becoming the CEO of Microsoft in 2014. The company has progressed dramatically onward. He brought Office to IOS and Android in which the previous CEO refused to. This is an important step toward bringing the power of Office everywhere!

What are your goals in Toastmasters for this term (2015-2016)?

At least I can finish CC5 and organize an event for the club which I did last Wednesday! Also I hope that my grammar improves over the time as I enrolled myself in an online class related to grammar course!


Dalton as the Organizing Chairperson for OTTERS International Speech and Table Topics Contest 2016, along with his fellow Contest Chairperson, Macalister Mak.




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