12th January 2016 – Follow Your Passion

TME A’aqiil Ahmad sharing his 2016 New Year Resolution.

Our Toastmaster of the Evening, TM A’aqiil Ahmad, kicked off the second meeting of the year by sharing his new year’s resolution to “Always Style My Hair”. He then continued by introducing his roles players as experts in their particular fields.

Our team of Evaluators. (Clockwise from Top Left: Lai Ling Ling, CC; Allen Ang, ACS, ALB; Farhan Jafar Ali, CC, CL; TM Ahmad Faiz Zailani; Brendan Ti, CC, ALB; Jordan Yau, CL)

Our Grammarian, TM Ahmad Faiz (Grace and Posture Expert) shared the Word of The Day “Adroit” which is an adjective to describe someone as very skilled with their hands’ or body; or resourceful.

Timer TM Dalton Lim sharing his Tip of the Day.

“To be an effective speaker, don’t be too excited. You need to be calm to deliver your message to your audience” was the tip shared from our Timer, TM Dalton (Basketball Expert).

Before moving onto the prepared speech segment, TM A’aqill shared his thought of the day “love your stage time, always utilize it so that everyone will remember your face”

TM Rahul Breh with his speech entitled “Love Story from Gehlaur Hills.”

Our first prepared speech of the evening was delivered by TM Rahul entitled “Love Story from Gehlaur Hills”. He started by asking the audience about their passions, stating that “your life depends on your passion”. He then continued by sharing a story of how an ordinary man changed the life of an entire village by using only a hammer and chisel to make a passageway through the mountain to a nearby village. This labour of love took him 22 years. After sharing such a moving story, he shared with us a life lesson “what makes ordinary extraordinary is the extra you put into it”. Thank you Rahul for the motivating speech.

TM Rano Iskandar telling us how he found his Mojo.

The next prepared speech “Finding My Mojo” was by TM Rano Iskandar. Sharing about how he was groomed to run a company even before graduating from school, he shared his life story about finding his ‘mojo’. Although he was in a good position in a company and got a stable income, Rano felt as if something was lacking and decided to quit. Trying to find something that would make him feel happy, he went from being a direct salesman, to being a broker, to starting his own Event Management company with a friend. All were shortlived and Rano soon reached his lowest point. He confined with a friend who asked him “why don’t you do something that you love to do”. With that, Rano stuck to his two favourite pastimes, photography and blogging. His blog slowly grew into a “money making machine”. “If you happen to just sit down and not do anything, you will be stuck but if you create opportunities, you will find something that you are missing in your life”. Congratulations on earning Competent Communicator and Competent Leader!

TM Amran Jamaluddin with his ‘Going Beyond Our Club’ Presentation.

Lastly, TM Amran Jamaluddin gave an ALB presentation from The Successful Club Series, “Going Beyond Our Club”. He shared what Toastmasters have to offer members outside of club meetings. He shared about Speech Contests and what roles members can fulfill as well as the importance of each role player. He moved on to explaining the Advanced Leadership roles. In this he explained the roles of the Area Directors, Division Directors and District Directors to encourage members to move beyond limits. Lastly he reminded us that we should take advantage of the learning by attending conferences.

Congratulations to TM Yatii Kamis on winning Best Table Topic Speaker for the evening.

Our Table Topic Master, TM Tieng Chwei Peng (Reverse Culture-Shock Expert) gave members and guests table topics based on famous movie quotes. This is to give practice to members for the upcoming Table Topic Competition.

The first impromptu speaker was TM Hilman Omar with “Do or Do Not, There is No Try”. As a person who never watched Star Wars, he related it to another quote “you won’t score the 100 shots that you take but you fail the 100 shot you don’t take” which he believes it’s true. He continued on saying how life is like a wheel of fortune, everything has a probability and it is affected by whether you take action.

The next impromptu speaker was TM Supatra Lee was asked to elaborate on “Get Busy Living or Get Busy Dying”. She started off with relating this quote to another quote “work hard, play hard”. She continued saying that we are very busy with work, having fun and earning. But to be busy living we have to enjoy what we are doing. If not, we are busy dying.

Our third impromptu speaker, TM Yatii Kamis was given the quote “Happiness Can Be Found In The Darkest of Times, If Only One Remembers to Turn On the Light”. She started with what are all the problems that we face day to day and who do we confide in. She would try to deal with all these problems by her herself but when her whole world crashes down, who does she go to? Whoever it may be, it all depends on whether you want to find your happiness.

Lastly we have a guest, Jeerah was asked “Some People are Worth Melting For”. The first thing that came to her mind was about her baby and how she decided to quit her job to look after her child. She continued with how she then started a fashion blog while she is still deciding on what to do.

A very supportive and positive meeting as always. Over the coming weekend, Toastmasters from Brunei will be holding a joint meeting with fellow Toastmasters in Kota Kinabalu (organised by our very own Amran) followed by the 2nd Toastmasters Leadership Institute (TLI) of the 2015-2016 term. Safe travels to all participants and all the best.

A guest introducing herself.

Winner of Best Evaluator of the evening Allen Ang, ACS, ALB

Written by;

TM Macalister Mak

Photography by;

TM Supatra Lee

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