19 May 2015 – Be Inspired, then Inspire

Greetings, Toastmasters, friends, and our loyal readers!

After attending Toastmasters District 87 Annual Conference in Kuching and being a rubbernecker there, our Toastmaster of the Evening, Gerald, realized that people come to Toastmasters meetings to be inspired. Becoming an accomplished Toastmaster is not an easy journey. Hardship is inevitable. However, all accomplished Toastmasters have one thing in common – they speak to inspire others.

Gerald, Our Toastmaster of the Evenng
Gerald, Our Toastmaster of the Evenng

Time is the essence of a Toastmasters meeting. Different people speak with different pace. Reuben, our ‘Timer and Tip’ of the day, shared with us that speakers who speak with an average pace should aim for 700 to 800 words while preparing for a 5 to 7 minutes speech.

A'aqiil, our Grammarian of the Evening
A’aqiil, our Grammarian of the Evening

The Word of the Day, ‘rubberneck’, means to look about or stare with great curiosity, as by craning the neck or turning the head. Thanks, A’aqill the Grammarian, for sharing such an interesting word with us.

Peng receiving her Ice Breaker Ribbon
Peng receiving her Ice Breaker Ribbon

Peng, one of our newer members, impressed the audience with her ‘Ice Breaker’ speech titled ‘The Girl Who Did not Like Chinese New Year’. In search of her self-identity, Peng walked us through her journey of self-discovery, from the time she was called a ‘banana’ – yellow on the outside and white on the inside – to the time she reconnected with her Chinese roots while she was studying in California, USA. Congratulations, Peng, for taking the first step to start your Toastmasters journey. We look forward to your future speeches.

Heidi sharing her dream
Heidi sharing her dream

‘A Dream Come True’. Heidi the Superwoman-wannabe attempted her Competent Communication Project No.2, ‘Organize your Speech’. From preparation to operation, and from operation to letting go of her restaurant, Heidi shared with us her experience of realizing her dream. Although luck was not on her side, the experience has transformed her into a more resilient person. Because of that, for Heidi, her dream did come true. Thank you for inspiring us with your story, Heidi.

Rahul spoke about his jungle trekking experience
Rahul spoke about his jungle trekking experience

Poisonous snakes, leeches, failed electronics, and most importantly, the monsoon rain, were the things that Rahul encountered while he went on a journey to find the famous and beautiful three-layered waterfall. In return, his reward was a breathtaking scenery comprised of five forms of water – haze of cloud, dew on grass, dazzling water, rain, and sea. Sometimes, you just have to stop worrying about the risks, and go and explore. Congratulations, Rahul, for completing your Competent Communication Project No. 4, ‘How to Say It’.
Farhan led the Table Topics session with inspiring quotes from the recent Toastmasters Conference in Kuching.
“Everybody wants but not everybody does.” – Alex Wong. Amran encouraged us not to be afraid of trying out things because everyone is a winner by default. Even if you lose, you learn something, and with that, you are already a winner.

“To help others, you must first master yourself.” Jidun, a guest, attempted the topic that was given to the contestants competing at District level. He advised us to pay more attention on people’s emotional intelligence rather than physical needs while helping others. Well done!
“The moment that you agree with the crowd’s cheers is the moment that you will win.” – Chandra, a Toastmaster from Bali. Saiful related this quote to the recent boxing match of the century – The MayPac fight. Regardless of winning or losing, the boxers have won their fans’ hearts.
Ian, our first-timer guest, and our members, Ting Ting and Kai Wei also attempted the Table Topics for the first time. Standing up there to speak in an impromptu manner requires much courage; that is an achievement by itself. Keep up the spirit, all! We look forward to hear more table topics from you in the future.

Shawn receiving his Best Table Ribbon
Shawn receiving his Best Table Topic Ribbon

Shawn won the ‘Best Table Topics’ with the quote, “I see something in you” by Dananjaya Hettiarachchi, the 2014 World Champion of Public Speaking. In fact, Dananjaya said the exact same phrase to Shawn when they met in Kuching Conference. Toastmasters has shaped Shawn into a great leader and he believed that every Toastmaster in Brunei makes up the forest that supports Toastmasters’ vision. Thank you, Shawn, for leading the club to a greater height.
Counting down to the end of 2014/2015 term, our dedicated and humble Sergeant-at-Arms, Amran, did the closing remarks. According to Amran, when he first became the SAA, he was always shaking with fear every Tuesday evening. Now, look at him! He has grown to become a speaker who enjoys his stage time. Attending Toastmasters conferences has given him the opportunity to explore his inner self, to find his courage and to build his confidence. He urged all Toastmasters, especially the incoming Executive Committee members, to attend as many Toastmasters conferences as possible.

Amran delivering his closing remark
Amran delivering his closing remark

“We’re all on the same road. It’s up to us to speed up or slow down our journey.” – Amran.
The most important thing is we learn as much as we could.

Standing ovation for Amran's closing remark
Standing ovation for Amran’s closing remark

I wish everyone a wonderful Toastmaster journey ahead!

Written By
TM Supatra Lee

Photography By
TM Rano Iskandar

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