12th May 2015 – First Steps

With a medley of first time speakers and role players, our Toastmaster of the Evening, Jordan shared his thought of the day by reminding us that, “Success is not a journey. It’s a destination. The journey is made of dedication, hard work, and discipline. And the most important step in that journey is the first.”


Jordan, the Toastmaster of the Evening

In her first attept as the Timer & Tip, Vui Ting shared with the room her tip of the day “When you talk, you are only repeating what you already know. But if you listen, you may learn something new”.

First time Grammarian, Dalton contributed his word of the day, Astonish, meaning surprise or impress greatly!


Grammarian Dalton

For our first prepared speech of the night, Deno recounted on how he got himself into his current situation. From how giving a presentation to crowd of people petrified him, to how he had trouble leading a group of employees. All this culminated in his decision to finally join the Brunei Speakers’ Club to begin his Toastmaster journey to be a better communicator and leader. Congratulations and thank you Deno, for a remarkably eye-opening icebreaker speech.


Deno delivering his Icebreaker Speech

Heidi, our second prepared speaker wears many hats. Mother, daughter, cook, driver, homemaker, civil servant. Feeling like a Superwoman, she juggles many responsibilities Because she wants what’s best for her family. Congratulation Heidi on completing your first project! You truly are a Superwoman.


Our 2nd Icebreaker Speech of the evening by Heidi

Table Topics Master Rahul provided an entertaining and instructional session. He challenged speakers to practice their sales techniques by providing elevator pitch scenarios.

First to step up to the challenge, Chris was tasked to convince a publisher to publish his book. Holding firm that his self-help book was “amazing” and “too good to not publish”, he employed an aggressive strategy in his pitch.

Next was Malik, a guest. Trying to get close enough to his favourite actor in Hollywood to ask for an autograph, Malik tried bribing the security personnel with a trip to Brunei. Rano needed to convince an investor to venture into a business project together. By pointing out the popularity of the ‘Rano Brand’, Rano applied a very self-confident strategy.


The face of the ‘Rano Brand’, Rano Iskandar

Our next attempt from a guest, Venus was desperate for her teacher to approve her project. Feigning ill with the fictitious “Cancer of Ebola” disease, she tried playing to her teacher’s sympathy. Pranika had to convince her uncle to let her guest stay over their place for the night. She reminded her uncle of his own teachings that “if they are people do good to us, we should do the same to others”.

Farhan spoke about wanting to meet the World Champion of Public Speaking, Dananjaya while Hilman role played a job interview to be a fashion designer. Aziman, a guest talked about meeting Chris Woo and his admiration of Chris Woo’s public speaking skills.


Visiting guest Aziman attempting Table Topics

The winner for the Best Table Topics Speaker for the evening was Azmin. Pleading that “If you don’t eat here, then I don’t get to eat.”, he had to convince customers to dine in his place of employment. Congratulations Azmin on the win.


Winner if Best Table Topics Speaker, Azmin

Friday, 16th May 2015 would be the District 87 Annual Conference in Kuching. There, two of our very own members, Shawn Narcis and Reuben Chin would be running for the positions of Club Growth Director and Division Director respectively. We wish them both good luck and all the best!

Thank you to all who attended the meeting. Hope to see you all next week.

Written By
TM Dalton Lim

Photography By
TM Gerald Goh

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