7th April 2015 – You can achieve more than you think


The meeting started at 7:30pm sharp with our Timer, Supatra, who advised us to plan our deadline early so that even if we’re late, we still have some time to buffer it up.

Toastmaster of the evening, Reuben Chin, who is a lecturer in University Brunei Darussalam shared that as the undergraduates’ assignment deadlines are looming upon them, they asked for an extension because they couldn’t make it. But Reuben advocated that we believe in ourselves because often we can achieve more than what we think.


Reuben Chin makes the audiences laugh

Jason, from Oil Town Talkers Toastmasters Club delivered his speech from the advanced manual entitled “Revolution – Sell a Product “. He introduced his product, which is himself as a life coach. Jason has always had a passion for coaching people and he would like to help us in everything that we wish for. If you are having problems such as issues relating relationships or financial troubles, you can call him for a meet-up. If you subscribe to his services, he would definitely take care of you.

Jason acting

Can you tell what is he trying to do?

Zainal enticed the audience with love story of a talented musician who tried to save his love from the underworld. His speech entitled “Don’t Look Back” tells of Adio, who was living happily with his wife until bandits went on a rampage over his home, taking away the most valuable thing to him: the life of his wife, Narissa. Adio then embarked on a journey to the underworld to meet Draco, the lord of the Underworld, to attempt to save his wife. Draco, touched by Adio’s music, consented to return his wife’s soul but told him not to look back until he has left the underworld or his wife will be gone. So don’t look back.


Zainal and his signature smile

In the 2nd part of the meeting, there was the table topic session. Our table topic master, Joel, came up with a melancholic theme: funerals, which was aimed for self-reflection.

Our first speaker, Seng Yee, was given the topic “What are the happiest moment of Seng Yee?” She mused that life is unpredictable and she didn’t expect this to happen so fast. She is grateful for being in Toastmaster and learning about the values that can also be applied to our daily lives. Well done Seng Yee.

Seng Yee

Seng Yee delivering her speech with a big smile

The 2nd speaker Rafy described humorously from a third person’s point of view of how he would like to be remembered: a man full of wonderful jokes capable of making people fall off their chair laughing. He was a good joker but also a good friend.


Rafy, a UBD member

The third Speaker Maldina braved her first attempt at doing table topics with “How much do you know about Maldina?” Although she was flustered, Maldina did her best as a first timer, even gracefully admitting that she was out of ideas. Well done Maldina!


Maldina’s first attempt

The final speaker was Hilman, a visiting toastmaster from UBD Toastmasters. He delivered passionately, speaking as both his father and mother when asked about “What Hilman’s family would say about him?” Eventually, the best table topic speaker was Hilman, who aspires to be an actor. Well done!

congratulations Hilman

Congratulations Hilman, for the best Table Topic speaker!

That is all for the meeting, see you next week!


Written By
TM Dalton Lim

Photography By
TM Derby Teo

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