21st April 2015 – Impending Election Day – Your participation can make a difference.

Greetings, Toastmasters and friends.

“Your best idea deserves your best speech. Your best speech deserves your best delivery because it is a reflection of your commitment and passion.”


Gerald, our Toastmaster of the Evening

Thank you Gerald, our Toastmaster of the Evening for the Thought of the Day. His fervent and fantabulous spirit most definitely enlivened the whole meeting. Gratitude’s to Pooja, for the Word of the Day, ‘fantabulous’, which means excellent and wonderful.

Pooja made an initiavtive

Pooja made an initiative of putting the word of the day at the back of the room

Our first-time Timer and Tip, Kai Wei, advocated everyone to make to-do lists because it will help us to better organize our tasks. Well done, Kai Wei!

From his Icebreaker speech, we learned that Macalister has a lot of passion for sports. He grew up playing sports with his father and then realized that he was getting better when his father starting having a hard time catching up with him. Eventually all the trainings he had had aided him in winning several medals. Now he aspires to win the next tournament – Toastmaster Humorous Speech Contest.

Standing ovation

Standing ovation

Jordan attempted his Competent Communication project no.7 entitled “Video Games: What is Your Poison”. People choose the games they play based on two criteria, the complexity and the social ability. For those who are very competitive, they would normally play games that are more intricate and require more of their time and attention. Whereas others would prefer simpler games to release stress and pass time. Being a more competitive gamer, Jordan swore that he will never play games like Candy Crush and Farmville.


Jordan sharing his passion for video games

In his Competent Communication project no. 8, Chris Woo, a communication lecturer by profession, enlightened us with his speech entitled “The Power of the Siren’s Call”. He postulated that a speaker must be in absolute control of his or her emotion because the mind is interrelated to our body; and when our body carries an emotion, our voice will follow the rhythm of the body. Other than that, we should also believe in what we say and what we say will become believable. Thank you, Chris, for the educational speech.

Chris Woo

Chris Woo showing how our vocal fold vibrates when we speak

Our Table Topic Master, Rano, entranced us with an affluence of humorous questions. Allen would rather have Backstreet Boys’ poster in his room instead of the face of Justin Bieber. He clarified that with technology today, singers’ voices can be easily enhanced, and hence he no longer has faith in the singers of the new generation.


Allen said no to Justin Bieber

Hazel thought that dumping your boyfriend through text is very rude. She also humorously acknowledged that being a seventeen-year-old; she shouldn’t be dating in the first place anyway.

Hazel, one of our perpetual guests

Hazel, one of our perpetual guests

Deno was caught taking a lot of selfies back then. He made everyone bust a gut when he confessed that he loves himself and those are his private photos, hinting that no one should know except for him.


Deno feeling shy about his selfies

Peng, one of our newest members, will only choose Samsung over Apple because pictures on Instagram appear clearer in bigger screens. But other than that, Apple will always be her first choice.

Congratulations, Peng

Congratulations, Peng, our best Table Topic speaker!

Next week will be the Election Day. Our Acting President, Seng Yee urged every member to attend and exercise their rights to vote for the most befitting Executive Committee of the next term. Everyone plays a crucial role in the making of a successful club and she hopes to see every member next week.

She also believes that we can learn immensely by taking up leadership roles. Being the acting president, she learned that we should never let our fears and self-doubt get in the way of doing an amazing job. She entreated everyone to take every challenge as an opportunity to grow. For those who are interested in running for any Ex-Co positions, please do not hesitate to let her know. With that being said, she proudly announced that Chris Woo, an accomplished speaker and leader, has taken the challenge to run for the President.

One of our members

One of our members

Writer’s Remark: Individual commitment to a group effort is what makes a team work. Your participation can make a difference.

Written By
Chang Seng Yee, CC

Photography By
Chang Seng Yee, CC

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