24th March 2015 – Art of communication

“The art of communication is the language of leaders” – by James Humes.

The fundamental principle of success is to maintain effective communications with one another. Thank you, Distinguished Toastmaster, Genevieve Lai for sharing your Thoughts of the day. Our word of the day, ‘halcyon’, set our meeting’s tone. ‘Halcyon’ means happy or peaceful. Thank you, Toastmaster Gerald, for the Word of the day!


Genevieve Lai, our Toastmaster of the Evening

The prepared speeches session started with Pooja attempting his Competent Communication Project no. 3 with her speech titled ‘Keep it Simple’. Since young, she always keeps things simple. She also advised us to stay away from credit card as it can prevent us from spending more. Simplicity is the virtue of removing the extraneous to reveal the essence. Thank you, Pooja, and we look forward to you next speech.


Pooja speaking with conviction

Derby attempted Competent Communication Project 5 with her speech titled ’One more step‘. She treated her life like a dance. If we want to be better in the things that we are doing, we should put extra effort. If someone bested you, it means they have worked harder than you. Of course unexpected obstacles and challenges arise along the journey. For instance, a sprained ankle before a dance competition. But we should not be stopped by our obstacles. Live life to its fullest. Well done, Derby.


Congratulations, Derby! Halfway to a Competent Communicator.

Our third Speaker, Ling, delivered his Competent Communication Project no. 9 with the title ‘Thou Shall not Smoke‘. Smoking increases the risk of dying. What would you feel if great things happen in your life and you are not able to witness it? Smoking does not only affect smokers’ health, it also affects those who are near to you, like your family members. Furthermore, passive smokers are at higher risk of dying when compared to first hand smokers. Do you really want your family members to be affected by your selfish actions?, Well done, Ling. You have definitely made a lot of smokers think.

Toastmaster Rano led the Table Topics session with the theme ‘Positive Vibes‘. Our first speaker, Prila, expressed that he was happy he came to Brunei and witnessed this Toastmasters meeting.

One of our guests

One of our guests

Kendrick shared with us that listening to metal song and taking pictures make him smile. ‘When you closed your eyes, what do you see’? Our final speaker, Brendan, said “eyelids”. On top of that, he could imagine all the wonderful and amazing things that are impossible to achieve in real life.


Congratulations Brendan, for winning the best Table Topics!

Brunei Advanced Speakers’ Club will be having their next meeting on this Thursday, 26th March 2015 at Radisson Hotel. Kindly contact Shawn Narcis at 872 8123 for more information.

This weekend, fellow Toastmasters will also going to Labuan to support our Area champion, Reuben Chin in the division level of International Speech and Table Topics contests. All the best to Reuben.

Written By
TM Dalton Lim

Photography By
TM Rano Iskandar

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