3rd March 2015 – Sports, Food and Communication

Welcome to the month of March, dear friends!

Seng Yee took control over the night as Toastmaster of the Evening. After introducing the office bearers and she shared her thought of the day, “every challenge is an opportunity to grow”.

Grammarian Jordan Yau introduced ‘inculcate’ as the word of the day, which means to instill by persistent instruction, while Timer & Tip Derby reminded everyone to – always be aware of the time, rather be early than late. Every second counts.

Toastmaster Dalton Lim started the night with his Competent Communication project no.2 titled ‘My Basketball Journey’. The young adolescent dreamed of joining the professional basketball team, only to realise he stop growing at 174cm tall. His basketball journey may be over, but it was a great experience and he will not shoot like a frog ever again. Good job, Dalton!

Dalton Lim sharing his passion for basket ball

Dalton Lim sharing his passion for basketball

Toastmaster Ser Heang declared that despite being pampered by a variety of Asian cuisine, his eyes are still set on the Original Recipe Fried Chicken from KFC in his Competent Communication project no.4 – ‘My Favourite Food’. He realized that it is not just about the taste and the aroma of the chicken, but it is about the love and care our friends and family brought together. Congratulations, Tan!

Self-procraimled KFC ambassador

club-proclaimed KFC ambassador

Toastmaster Stuart Lee attempted his Advanced Communication speech – Speaking to Inform with the title ‘Perception towards Communication’. He shared with us three communication theories – Implicit Personality, Self-Fulfilling Prophecy and Stereotyping. It definitely helped the audience to understand themselves better. Well done, Stuart!


Stuart awes the audiences

The Table Topics Master, Clovis Lai chose a challenging myriad of proverbs for the Table Topics session. Reuben Chin was first in line with the topic – ‘The pen is mightier than the sword’. Congratulations Reuben, the best Table Topic speaker!


Congratulations, Reuben!

Julius Hong, a member from UBD Toastmasters, followed with ‘You can’t have an omelette unless you break the egg’ and used Toastmasters as an example for self-development and commitment to become a better speaker. Well done!


Julius in action

Rayhan’s proverb was ‘A good mind possesses a kingdom’. He proved that using intelligence is better than using brute force and that you don’t need to be big, strong or tall.

Rayhan, a member from UBD Toastmaster

Rayhan, a member from UBD Toastmasters Club

‘All cats love fish, but they hate to get their paws wet’. Toastmaster Joel Loo is a banker and from his perspective, people should put in more effort if they want to be rich. None of the secrets of success will work unless you work. Thank you, Joel. Toastmaster Aaqiil Ahmad shared his past experience of moving from place to place until finally grounded at Lambak Kiri when he was given the topic- ‘Even tall oaks start from little acorns’. Keep it up!

Well don, A'aqiil

Well don, A’aqiil

Last but not least, Gerald Goh closed the Table Topics session. Using Toastmasters as an example of a platform that gives people a chance speak. He advocated the proverb – ‘If wishes were horses, even beggars would ride’.


Gerald with his charming smile

Congratulations to our first timer, Derby Teo and Brendan Ti, the Timer & Tip and General Evaluator respectively.

Seng Yee will also be the acting president while Hazwan is away for work. Even though it was nerve wrecking for her, she decided to take the challenge as an opportunity to grow. Like everyone else, we are all here to learn; to be a better speaker and a leader.

Our Ambassador, Shawn, presented the highest award achievable in Toastmasters International, Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM) to Genevieve Lai. “What I really want to say is thank you”, tears of joy and glee trickled down her cheeks while she was giving her acceptance speech. This is not the end of her journey in Toastmasters.


Distinguished Toastmaster, Genevieve Lai

The International Speech & Table Topics Competition for Area K6 will be held on the coming Sunday, 8th of March at the Multipurpose Hall, University Brunei Darussalam. Seng Yee and Rano will be representing our club in the International Speech contest while Reuben and Gerald will be competing in the Table Topics contest. All the best!

area contest

Oil Town Talkers Toastmasters Club (Otters TMC) will be having their first ever Gala Dinner at Sutera Biru, KB on the 14th of March. Show your support by getting your ticket from Seng Yee. What are you waiting for?

It is always an eventful night at Brunei Speakers Club. Thank you everyone.

Written By
TM Aaqiil Ahmad

Photography By
TM Rano Iskandar

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