10th March 2015 – Live in the Present

The idiom of the day, “stick [one’s] neck out”, means to take a risk. Life is full of challenges. Why not stick your neck out and take the challenge? You never know; a great reward might be waiting for you at the end.

Ready for a fruitful meeting

Competent Communication Manual

“Live in the present,” said Tan, our wise Toastmaster of the Evening. He advised us to stop regretting about yesterday and stop worrying about tomorrow. Take control of your life and live in this moment.


Tan, our Toastmaster of the Evening

Howard attempted his Competent Communication Project 2, “Organise your Speech”, with the title “Values”. Linking to examples from satisfying after-sales support for his laptop, to the high quality of his car and to a stable long-distance relationship with his then girlfriend (now, fiancé), Howard convinced us that with support, quality, and communication as the three essential values, a business can flourish and become successful.

Howard being extremely charming

Howard being extremely charming

Gerald entertained us all with his “Tale of a Broken Toe” for his Competent Communication Project 4, “How to Say it”. Using descriptive languages and vivid words, Gerald brought us all on a trip to a tropical beach island, where he enjoyed great food and company, went cliff diving and recounted the events that resulted in him breaking his toe. From this travel experience, he learned his lessons – don’t buy cheaper flights, don’t bring electronics to an island and remember to buy travel insurance.


Gerald becoming more and more comfortable each time he speaks

Ruey attempted an Advanced Communication Project in the “Special Occasion Speeches” Manual – The Roast. Big eyes, big shoes and an even bigger ego equals to “Big Ben”, our very own Vice President Membership and newly crowned Champion for Area K6 International Speech and Table Topics contests! With her comical parody of Reuben’s signature pose and ever confident answer of “Caaaaaan!”, Ruey poked fun of Reuben in a good-natured yet humorous way.


Ruey making the audiences laugh

Jordan led the Table Topics session with interesting proverbs.

“A golden key can open any door”. Ong Yin told us how her passion for education and Toastmasters had helped her to overcome the challenges in setting up a new Gavel club in her school. “To go the extra mile”. In order to realize his goal of becoming a full Ironman Triathlete, Bobby had to constantly push himself to train, always aiming for an extra mile.

Living in the presence

Living in the present

“Better late than never”. Liyana inspired us by saying that if we wish to do something, it is never too late. We look forward to the day when you become an official Toastmasters member, Liyana. Better late than never! “You reap what you sow”. Big Ben Reuben blamed his bigger than average physique to his love of Mee Goreng and the arrogance to accept any challenge – especially gluttonous ones – given to him.

Members laughing

Members laughing

“Laughter is the best medicine”. A few days prior, right before contesting in a horse-riding competition, Sharon almost fell from her horse face first. She managed to overcome this scary and stressful ordeal by simply laughing off all the negativity with help from her joker friend. Congratulations, Sharon the perfectionist, for winning the title of the Best Table Topics Speaker.


Congratulations Sharon!

Otters Toastmaster Club in Seria will be holding its first ever Gala Dinner on the 14th of March 2015 at Sutera Biru, Kuala Belait. The event is open to public and the price of entry is $40 per person. Students can enjoy a special price of $30 per ticket. Please contact Ching from Otters or Seng Yee from BSC for ticket purchases.

District 87, Division K 2015 Annual Conference will be held in Labuan on the 28th and 29th of March 2015. Enjoy a fun filled 2-day program consisting of three educational sessions, a team building session, and the Division K Table Topics and International Speech contests. Please contact Ruey or Jordan for more information.

Closing the meeting, Vice President Education Allen encouraged us to be proactive in taking up meeting roles and doing our speech projects. While better late than never, we should not delay in developing our communication skills and leadership potentials.


Allen, our Vice President Education

Live in the present. Learning is a lifelong process. Stick your neck out for any opportunity, no matter how challenging. Because time waits for no man.


Written By
TM Supatra Lee

Photography By
Reuben Chin, ACS, ALB

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