17th February 2015 – Making an impact

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Greetings fellow Toastmasters, ladies and gentlemen!

Life is not about making an income, but it is about making an impact. Thank you, Pranika, our Toastmaster of the evening, for sharing your Thoughts of the day.

Pranika, our peppy Toastmasters of the evening

Pranika, our peppy Toastmaster of the evening

Time is of the essence at every Toastmaster’s meeting. Our Tip and Timer of the evening, advised us to – use our own time and do not take other people’s time. Thank you, Amran, for your wise tip! Respecting people’s time is indeed indispensable for all Toastmasters. “Indispensable”, the Word of the day, is an adjective that means absolutely essential. Thank you, Ong Yin, our Grammarian of the evening.

Why do people still eat junk food even though they know junk food is not good for their health? In Pooja’s Competent Communication project no.2 titled ‘Thought for food’, she shared with us, the two aspects on why we still lack the wisdom to choose our food in spite of all the knowledge we had. She told us how businesses use their tactics to trick us to eat faster and how food labels affect our choices. It was an informative yet humorous speech, Pooja, and we look forward to your next speech.


Pooja, one of our newest members

Are our members happy? Hazwan attempted his ‘Speaking to Inform’ Advanced manual – the Fact Finding report where he presented his findings collected from random members of all Toastmasters club in Brunei. From his findings, 64% of our members are satisfied with the progress of being a better speaker while 27% of them are not satisfied. In his report, he also showed that those who are not satisfied, only do their speeches occasionally. Thank you, Hazwan, for your interesting report!


“Are our members happy?” said Hazwan

Reuben also attempted a speech from the Advanced Communication manual titled ‘The Legend of Nian’. He relived our memories regarding ‘Nian’, by using different techniques in his vocal variety and pacing to capture our hearts. The moral of the story is for families to be united together, going through thick and thin together. Just like the camaraderie of toastmasters, for together we stand, divided we fall.


Reuben speaking with conviction

Say thank you to someone you always want to thank but never had the chance to. That was the table topic given to Farhan, a member from UBD Toastmaster. He thanked Toastmasters, for making him a better person today. Nicely said, Farhan. One of our guests, Hazmin, attempted his Table topics for the first time. Goodbyes are hard to express, and he would miss his mother the most if he had to fly to Canada. Well done, Hazmin!


Hazmin’s first Table Topics

Rano shared with us the hidden love he has for his mother. Love for him, is the hardest to express verbally but the easiest to express internally. Congratulations Rano, for the best Table Topic speaker!

Congratulations, Rano!

Congratulations, Rano!

Our club contest is finally coming! Everyone is welcome to join us next Tuesday, 24th February, to witness the most exciting contest ever! UBD Toastmasters club will hold its contest on February 22nd 2015 and OTTERS Toastmasters club will hold its contest on February 25th 2015.

Guess what award is Reuben achieving this time?

Guess what award is Reuben achieving this time?

Our president, Hazwan, told us that he will be away for work in Germany at the end of February for around 2-3 months. He believed that the club is in good hands of the executive members which makes him less worry about the club but wish all the best for us.


Hazwan, giving his president’s remark

Writer’s remark: On behalf of the club, I would like to thank our president for your hard work and effort that you put into this club. We will take good care of the club and I promise, no disco lights when you are gone. No PUN intended.


Written By
TM Chang Seng Yee

Photography By
TM Rano Iskandar

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