10th February 2015 – Be yourself

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Greetings fellow Toastmasters, ladies and gentlemen!


“Be Yourself” by Oscar Wilde.


Find the time to learn upon what you value. Thank you, TM Serene, for your thoughts of the day. Our Timer and Tip of the Day, TM Rayhan shared with us that silence can be golden. Pause at an appropriate moment and it will give a more insightful thought.

Our first speaker, TM A’aqiil, performed his Competent Communicator Project 2. He had a wonderful stage presence. If you are going to be a spy, look for him and don’t forget a good spy needs attitude and manners! Thank you, A’aqiil, for your great performance.


A’aqil, the secret agent

The 2nd Speaker was TM Derby and she gave a speech on how to pick up girls and provided a few tips for guys to make it easier when it comes to wooing the right girl! First, be smooth. Second, be confident. Third, be sincere. Well done, Derby.


Derby in her awesome costume

The 3rd Speaker was TM Rano and he is a fan of WWE. In his 5th Competent Communication speech, he was trying to convince us that wrestling is fake. It may look like life threatening on the TV but it isn’t; they rehearse the performance many times before they carry out the shows. “Fake it till you make it”, said Rano.

For the Table Topics led by TM Kevin Koo; TM Del Goh, on the topic of “Squeaky wheels gets the grease!” talked about his job.


Del speaking with confidence

The 2nd table topic speaker was TM Pooja on “every child is an artist, how to remain as an artist when he grows up?’ Pooja shared memories from her childhood when she used to be curious and inquisitive; she feels she lacks this now and is striving to get them back. Well done, Pooja!

The 3rd speaker was Peng; she speaks on the behalf of all women and she wants to empower them to be confident! She read a book by Shell Sunbird that females sometimes are threatened by males and that certain males won’t listen to female opinions because they feel like they are inferior to the alpha species.


Congratulations, Peng, for the best Table Topics speaker!

The last Speaker was TM Saleh. His question, given by TM Kevin Koo, was ‘Fortune favours the bold!’ It basically means luck is on the side of those who are more like to take risks. If he is given a choice in life, he will also do something challenging. Keep it up, Saleh!

Finally, contest season is upon us once more! On the 24th February 2015, the Brunei Speakers’ Club will be holding its Table Topics and International Speech contest. Any member keen on enhancing your speaking skills or filling up your Competent Leader manual, please contact Hazwan, Allen, or Reuben.

For your information, UBD Toastmasters club will hold its contest on the 22nd February 2015, and OTTERS Toastmasters club will hold its contest on 25th February 2015.

See you there!


Written By
TM Dalton Lim

Photography By
TM Rano Iskandar

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