20th January 2014 – Success is a realised goal

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Greetings Toastmasters, Ladies & Gentlemen!

Bill Gates is successful. Mahatma Ghandhi is successful. They are both successful in their own way. Our peppy Toastmaster of the Evening, Rano Iskandar hence said, “success is a realised goal”. Realising what is truly important to us is a major step towards achieving personal success.

Rano, our Toastmaster of the Evening

Rano, our Toastmaster of the Evening

‘Prattle’ means to talk or chatter idly. Thank you, Toastmaster Jack, our Grammarian, for introducing the word of the day.

Time is of the essence at every Toastmaster’s meeting. Jason, our Tip and Timer of the evening, advised us to – take our time. It may sound contradicting to you but what he actually meant was for us to make use of the time allocated to us. Thank you, Jason!

Today, Toastmaster Derby Teo, one of our newest members, impressed us with her first ice-breaker speech. She shared with us her three biggest fears in life. She is afraid of doing Table Topics. She is afraid of socialising. She is afraid of sea motion. However, for the love of Toastmasters, she is determined to overcome these fears and be an excellent Toastmaster. Well done, Derby!

Standing Ovation for Derby's first speech

Standing Ovation for Derby’s first speech

Turn off your mobile phone when you are not using it. Turn off your wifi and 3G when you do not need it. Decrease the brightness of your phone. That’s right ladies and gentlemen, these are the ways to save you power. Toastmaster Tan has definitely got to the point in his competent communication project no.3. Good job!


Tan, attempting his CC3

Operating controls to rotate crane, raise and lower jib and boom, and raise, lower and move hook and object. If you are able to do these three steps at one time, then you are a competent crane operator, just like Toastmaster Amran. He also stressed the importance of using body signal when you are operating the crane. In his competent communication project no.5, we can definitely see the responsibility and the love he has for his job. Congratulations Amran, you are half way to becoming a competent communicator.


Amran showing his passion for his job

For the Table Topics, Dalton chose five continents as the theme of the evening. Seng Yee talked about how Asia is rich in culture and the difference between cultures is what makes everyone so unique. One of our guests, Hazel shared her crazy experience in Australia where she was bitten by a cow. It seems like the animals in Australia are quite insane!


Hazel, one of our guests

Joel told us that Italy is a must-go to country in Europe. They have rich culture and their food is simply amazing. Mcallum shared his disappointment with Brazil in the World Cup when he was given South America as his Table Topic. Who would have expected them to be beaten by eventual winners Germany? Another guest, Yani, shared her story from when she was in Boston, North America. She told us that the Americans really take Halloween seriously!

Congratulations Yani, our best Table Topic speaker!

Congratulations Yani, our best Table Topic speaker!

President giving out the outstanding member's pin

President giving out the outstanding member’s pin

Thank you Gerald, our acting Sergeant at Arms, for starting our meeting with a very humorous and positive tone! We are almost half way through the term and our president Hazwan presented two outstanding member awards to Amran and Jordan. Everyone in the club offered a toast to Amran to thank him for his selfless efforts and contribution.. To our members he is known as Superman and today, the name is no longer suitable for him. The reason is simple; he is more than superman to us now.

Amran, our superman

Amran, our superman

Written by:
TM Seng Yee

Photography by:
TM Seng Yee

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