30th December 2014

Hello Everyone,

This week on Toastmaster Brunei Speaker’s Club.

Toastmaster of the evening was TM Amran whereas TM Gerald was acting as our Sergeant At Arms.



TM Supatra Lee completed her Competent Communicator 3 Project entitled “Not a Doctor Material”. Around her circle of friends, people have high expectations of her to be a doctor. She also told us why she chose not to be be one.

Everyone experiences awkward silent moments in which they have nothing to say to another person. In Jack’s CC6 titled “Awkward”, he shared how he handles such situations.

In her CC8, Ong Yin declared that “It’s easy to fall in love, but staying in love is hard work”. Relationships often fail because we fail to communicate to both side of the parties. This love language has to be affirmative, be specific, having an undivided attention, receiving gifts and act of service as well as physical touch.


I hope you enjoy your New Year with your loved ones and see you next week!

Written by:
TM Dalton Lim



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