9th December 2014 – To Ponder

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Salutations, Toastmasters and friends!

Supatra, the toastmaster of the evening

Supatra, the Toastmaster of the Evening

“The meaning of my communication depends on the response I get.” – Supatra, our lovely Toastmaster of the Evening. Ponder that thought, fellow communicators. This was our word of the day, everyone. ‘To ponder’ is to consider something deeply and thoroughly.

Congratulations Aaqiil on your ice-breaker speech!

Congratulations Aaqiil on your icebreaker speech!

“The most difficult character in comedy is that of the fool, and he must be no simpleton that plays that part.” Acting may look easy but A’aqiil gets butterflies in his stomach before every performance. Yet, he craves the rush of enthralling audiences! From his primary school days to now teaching students of his own, we learned A’aqiil will always be a main character on stage and in life.


Farhan wows the audiences with his facial expression

Another fellow actor moved and wowed on stage! Farhan was appropriately animated and entertaining in his, ‘Your body speaks’ project. He played the murdered father and husband in a local musical production. Though butterflies were incessantly present, it was a wonderful and profound experience which Farhan will forever treasure.


Kelvin grabbing the audiences’ attention with his vocal variety

Growth and change. We witnessed these in two ways through Kelvin’s, ‘Vocal variety’ project. He expressed varying volumes in his voice dynamics. His speech paced slow and paced fast. All in all, he enticed emotions with his voice as he told his story of witnessing growth and change in his student at school. We also witnessed growth and change in Kelvin as a speaker. Well done!

Responsibilities, never giving up, and our priorities now. These were the insights our Table Topics speakers shared. Parents can only guide us. It is our responsibility to take action and be the best son or daughter we can. Good advice, Del.

After a stressful twelve months at work, Pearly now knows she can overcome adversity with constant support from friends and colleagues. Have you loved and lost someone? ‘No worries’ says Amran as you will find that right partner when you keep looking. Be tenacious and never give up, everyone!

After a long and arduous year at work, Rachael just knows it is time to party during this holiday season. As comfy as his PeterPan blanket is (as comfy as being in mum’s womb!), it is going to be hard but Syafiq knows it is time to move on and give up his favourite security blanket. Relax, party and move into the new year, folks!


Syafiq speaking with conviction

Congratulations, Syafiq on bagging that coveted Table Topics glory. Keep practicing to defend your title!

We cannot wait to hear from main character, A’aqiil now after his icebreaker speech. Special mention to his evaluator, Brendan for his encouraging evaluation, no one would have guessed it was his first speech evaluation ever. Farhan, you are now halfway through towards becoming a Competent Communicator. Last but surely not least, you conducted our meeting wonderfully, first-time Toastmaster of the Evening, Supatra!

An exciting, ‘Project Labuan’ is coming up, fellow Toastmasters! On January 10 and 11 2015, we will all have the chance to experience an eye-opening and memorable Toastmasters getaway to Labuan. For further details, please contact Genevieve Lai.

Thank you, everyone for our lovely evening. “Toastmasters enhance and enrich our lives in unique ways. There are plentiful opportunities to take advantage of. Let us all capitalize on our opportunities in Toastmasters and together, we will better ourselves.”


Written by:
Hazwan Kamarulzaman, CC, ALB

Photography by:
TM Gerald

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