29th July 2014 – Foods and 30-year-olds‏

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Setting up the place before 7:30 pm

The picture speaks for itself

Toss away your smart gadgets, push yourselves away from your office PCs or Macs, go camping in Temburong with your colleagues. Chris Ng’s message was clear in his, ‘Getting to the point’ speech. Floating like logs down the river, undulating on the white rapids on kayaks, and sleeping amongst the flora and fauna was how Chris Ng spent his team-building getaway. Never pass up opportunities like these to freshen up your teamwork skills. Besides, a break from your routine 8 to 5 lives can always give you a fresh energy boost. As long as we state our objectives in the beginning of a speech, elaborate the details in the body, and remind the audience of your message in the conclusion, any speech can be coherent for the audience to understand.

He incessantly devoured greasy burgers, mee goreng, and Kentucky fried chicken while washing it all down by slurping soft drinks. He often had chest pains and always needed to sit down, he was 8 and it was high time for Kelvin to change! In his, ‘How to say it’ speech, Kelvin clearly painted a picture of how he turned himself around with regularly eating pure red onion soup among other foods that put smiles on health freaks. When it comes to our words, Be mindful of stringing words together that convey similar emotions. The more words to convey an emotion, the stronger the message, fellow Toastmasters.

‘Twas a calm and starry night hangin’ out with mates. Allen was at peace chatting the night away until questions of life popped up. Being called, ‘Uncle Allen’ struck a resonating chord with the oldie approaching 30. Goodness, 30 is halfway to 60! Oldie Allen grew up in the ’80s and ’twas such wonderful of times! Back then, kids were not shy of sunshine. If you had tippex back in the day, by George you were the coolest kid in class! It was also the golden era when our dial-up internet connection played sweet music before connecting us to the world wide web. Exaggeration is one key element to make use of in our humorous speeches, folks. Never forget to illustrate points with examples all ages can relate to as well.

Reuben has a simple formula to appreciate food. Chewable implies likeable. He’s never fussy. If others hate it, he will still like it. He can write endless novels on foods he likes but he was limited to a two-minute speech. Durian has a strange taste, according to Chandeline anyway. We love it, perhaps she can learn to like it one day. There’s durian in Sri Lanka too but it gives a different sensation there. Taste is relative. Ambuyat. The gooey-textured, oozy-flavoured delicacy locals rave about. It would take a lot for our best Table Topics speaker, Nick (congratulations!) to get used to that ‘out-there’ ambuyat taste. Have fun, speak from the heart, and those Table Topics speeches will whiz by so fast!

Nick, the best Table Topic speaker of the evening!

Much commendable efforts, office bearers and members for maintaining our enthusiastic energy levels despite our limited attendance. Thank you all for actively contributing to our open speech evaluations. It is a detour from our usual route but everyone was on board and we sailed through our learning experiences as though there were no rough waters at all. When we can maintain this momentum, propitious times lie ahead. Well done, everyone!


Selamat hari raya!


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